Animated Speedy Flashing Light

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Widow Maker

Widow Maker
Medium yield, surface to surface rocket with a large blast radius.
Size Small Medium Large
Flight Time 8s 12s 16s
Damage 200 250 300
vs Buildings 400 500 600

Weapon Lab 2

Large Daisy Cutter

Weapon Lab 3

Large Daisy Cutter

Small Widowmaker

Weapon Lab 4

Large Daisy Cutter

Small Widowmaker

Medium Widowmaker

Time 10h 0m 20h 0m 1d 16h 0m
Oil 360,000 720,000 1,440,000
Metal 288,000 576,000 1,152,000
Energy 288,000 576,000 1,152,000
Zynthium 432,000 864,000 1,728,000
Requirements Launch Pad lvl 2 Launch Pad lvl 3 Launch Pad lvl 3
Time 1h 00m 1h 27m 2h 00m
Oil 30,000 60,000 120,000
Metal 24,000 48,000 96,000
Energy 24,000 48,000 96,000
Zynthium 54,000 180,000 216,000

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