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Wake Tactical Module

Generates a navigation field that speeds up friendly ships in combat. The field is projected behind the ship carrying the Tactical Module.
  — In-game Description 


Wake Tactical Module I Wake Tactical Module II Wake Tactical Module III
Tech Forsaken
Armor Points 1,500 3,000 4,500
Weight (Tons) 2,200 4,400 6,600
Ballistic Defense +15% +30% +45%
Explosive Defense +15% +30% +45%
Combat Speed 10% 20% 30%
Turn Speed +5% +10% +19%
Field of Effect
Type Friendly
Range 35 35 35
Combat Speed 20% 40% 60%
Turn Speed 50% 100% 150%


Wake Tactical Module I Wake Tactical Module II Wake Tactical Module III
Oil 1,300,000 9,400,000 18,900,000
Metal 1,400,000 10,100,000 20,100,000
Energy 1,500,000 11,400,000 22,900,000
Zynthium 2,000,000 14,600,000 29,250,000
Time With Officer 2d 1hr 4d 3hrs 6d 5hrs


  • This blueprint was first introduced as a T3 prize in the Forsaken Missions.
  • This Forsaken Tactical Module allows a lead ship to boost the combat speed of all following ships by projecting a Tactical Field from the rear of the equipped ship.
  • This Module is perfect for use with the Vanguard in the flagship position to lead slower ships into battle.
  • Note that this does not affect the ship carrying the module itself so it should ideally be a tank ship with fast combat speed else it risks being overtaken by the rest of the fleet.

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