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Powerful, long-ranged mortar. Excellent for destroying large armadas.
  — In-game Description 


Victory Mortar Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Range 55-110 57-114 59-118 61-122
Damage 250 600 1,500 3,000
Splash 15 15 15 15
Spread 90 90 90 90
Reload Time 10 10 10 10
Salvo 1 2 3 4
D / RT 25 60 150 300
Type Explosive Explosive Explosive Explosive
Research Time 20m 50s 3h 7m 30s 1d 4h 7m 20s 10d 13h 07m
Research Requirements

Rapier Missiles I

Diplomat Mortar I

Peacemaker Mortar I

Weapon Lab 5

Vic Mortar I

Weapon Lab 7

Vic Mortar II

Weapons Lab 9

Vic Mortar III

Research Oil 25,000 2,025,000 18,225,000
Research Metal 27,500 2,227,500 20,047,500
Research Energy 27,500 2,227,500 20,047,500
Research Zynthium 31,250 2,531,250 22,781,250
Build Time 36s 16m 2h 31m 22h 46m
Build Oil 8,333 75,000 675,000 6,075,000
Build Metal 4,583 41,250 371,250 3,341,250
Build Energy 4,583 41,250 371,250 3,341,250
Build Zynthium 5,208 46,875 421,875 3,796,875


  • Victory mortars are explosive mortar shells good for near the heart of your base, where it has more coverable range on water.
  • Currently, Slide Loader is the only special that enhances the offensive capability of the Victory Mortar.
  • The largest draw back is the mortar's inability to hit fast moving targets (Eng 2 or higher).
  • Hailstorm/Hellstorm can shoot down some mortars too.

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