Some idea's about improving the game

  • The bubble that pops up after you attack the base, well I was thinking at that moment about a EMP blast, and If you have seen the icon of an EMP blast it looks like a lighting bluts spraking everywhere, well the bubble can have a lighting type simalarity, and it can be any color that the create would like it to be, and I dnt know if anyone will like this idea tho, but there can be a little mist like around the base for a few second, and also any color,
  • Ship designs i have to so far, it can be used as the draconian base as guards for the base when the players are able to attack the braconian base, at the time I was thinking of an aircraft that you can fly out in space, I thought y not try to combined the two together and make a ship so i did lol.
  • I will soon post the pic of the two ship designs and the drawing of the bubble of what it will look like with the lighting bluts within the bubble.
  • also when repairing fleets is there anyway battle pirates can make the fleets repair after one another without repiaring it one by one, cuz there is alot of players that r talking about the repairing and y they have to repair one by one.
  • base lvl's like lvl 31 players they can attack lvl 27 players i think that is no right, like lvl 31 should like only attack lvl 29+ cuz i think it would be on their lvl, and when u hit lvl 30 thats when the affect should kick in, just putting the idea out there if anyone doesnt follow thought with it then i understand i wont fight to make that happen.


Hi, these look like good idea's for improving the game, but this wiki is completely independent from the Kixeye the game developer. This wiki (a kind of encyclopedia) is a community effort of Battle Pirates users. Because there is no user manual for Battle pirates people started to write down how the game works, so other people don't have to start from scratch learning to play the game.

If you want to talk to the game developers there is a topic in the Kixeye forum for suggesting improvements to the game. The only problem is that the general impression exists that Kixeye doesn't read it, or at least does nothing with the suggestions. I personally still have to see a reply from a Kixeye developer in the forum. On the other hand sometimes ideas suggested here do get implemented.

Jelmerrrrr 14:27, December 9, 2011 (UTC)

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