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  • SabastionFhantomhive
    • The bubble that pops up after you attack the base, well I was thinking at that moment about a EMP blast, and If you have seen the icon of an EMP blast it looks like a lighting bluts spraking everywhere, well the bubble can have a lighting type simalarity, and it can be any color that the create would like it to be, and I dnt know if anyone will like this idea tho, but there can be a little mist like around the base for a few second, and also any color,
    • Ship designs i have to so far, it can be used as the draconian base as guards for the base when the players are able to attack the braconian base, at the time I was thinking of an aircraft that you can fly out in space, I thought y not try to combined the two together and make a ship so i did…
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