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  • HM-Semakin Di Depan
    1. Credit to: Nosignal

    When your base reaches Level 50, your base can be attacked by ANY PLAYER who is also L50 or greater. This is a huge change, and if you are not expecting it, can be a big shock that can take quite a while to recover from. It also increases the levels of salvages and bases you need to hit for alliance points.

    Personally, I think Kixeye should do more to warn players (e.g. give them a warning notice when they turn L40), but they don't so hopefully you will find this page instead.

    This page offers some advice on how to prepare, and how to deal with it when it comes.

    I have to be honest - when you reach L50, it will hurt for a while. I know very few players who were truly ready, though some can do very well. It helps to realise …

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  • HM-Semakin Di Depan

    Please tell me your feedback. I needs your help to enable me to edit the wiki likes as a founder especially wants to replace the word 'Battle Pirates Wiki' with Battle Pirates logo.

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