Animated Speedy Flashing Light

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Counters, Defending Against UAV's

  • Which weapons can destroy UAV's?

Hailstorms, hellstorms, phalanx, flaks, bombards. Note that these weapons will continue to function the way they normally do. So Hailstorms will shoot at a UAV until it's destroyed, then move onto the next. Phalanxes and Bombards will shoot once at a UAV and hit or miss, move onto the next one. Flaks will fire a shotgun-like spread and any UAVs caught in the blast will be destroyed.
  — Weresquirrel, Batman [src]
  • Can UAV's attack UAV's?

  — not confirmed [src]
  • How many flaks/hailstormshells have to hit, to destroy a drone?

A single hit will destroy a drone. Just like it would destroy a missile or mortarshell.
  — Weresquirrel [src]
  • If my fleet has hailstorms and both mortars and UAV's are incoming, what gets priority?

Anti-morts and anti-missiles prioritize the first target that comes into range.
  — unknown moderator [src]
  • My base was hard to crack until the new launcher. Now we have a new longer range weapon?

For Base-Attacks, Launchers are still alot stronger. UAVs are not a huge threat for a base, which can stand Launchers. UAVs have a slightly higher range and deal 25% more damage to fleets, but Launchers do Splash-damage, deal 25% more damage to buildings, can not be destroyed by Flaks/Bombards/..., and no specials do reduce radioactive damage.
  — Maths, done by me. [src]
  • Will plate armors work against UAV's?

Yes. Keep in mind, all weapons have a minimum-damage they will always deal. No matter how many plate armors you are using.
  — Weresquirrel [src]

Specials, Tactical Fields, Pinches

  • Will SFB3 or other specials work?

No, most current specials do not work with drones. Addendum: UAVs are like Impulse Launchers in that they are a brand new type of weapon so most existing specials will not work with them. The only difference is that Launchers deal Radioactive damage while the Hornet deals penetrating damage. However, generic specials, such as Siege Targeting, will work with them.
  — Weresquirrel, Batman [src]
  • Will tactical modules like engine disrupter work on UAV's?

Tactical modules do not affect UAVs. Tac modules may affect the ship that launches them if the ship is within range.
  — Weresquirrel [src]
  • Will pinches work on UAV's?

The ship that launches UAVs will stop launching if it is pinched, but the UAVs (being a weapon rather than a vessel) are unaffected by pinches once they launch.
  — Weresquirrel [src]

Range, Damage, Reload, Swarm Time, Accuracy

  • So, how exactly does the RANGE work?

The launch range of 97 means that the carrier ship will launch the UAV once they are in that range, if you leave that 97 Range the Carrier will stop launching UAVs. If you leave the 97 range while being swarmed on the swarm will last its full duration but the carrier will not launch additional UAVs until you re-enter that range.
  — Weresquirrel, CM Robot [src]
  • Will UAV's be able to fly over land?

  — CM Robot [src]
  • Is my OP still safe from sniping? is 4 water 1 land safe?

If your OP follows the standard 4 water and 1 land tile you might need to move it to 4 water tiles and 2 Wall Tiles. Technically the Hornet UAV is only about 0.8 Range Longer than a SFB3 Assault Missile.
  — CM Robot [src]

Flight time is a little faster than an assault missile, the swarm duration is how long they fly around the ship blasting their little guns, and then the reload is how long it takes for the Carrier Ship to launch another drone.
  — Weresquirrel, CM Robot [src]
  • Do the UAVs have ACCURACY? If so, what is it?

UAVs have 100% accuracy and will ignore evade. The trade off is that they deal their damage in small chunks over time and can be hit by any countermeasure.
  — Batman (confirmed by CM Robot) [src]
  • What is the FIRING RANGE of the UAVs?

Something between 8 and 9.
  — no confirmed. My estimation, after analyzing the video. [src]
  • Is it 66 DAMAGE in total for the flight tine of the UAV or is it 66 per 0.6 reload of the UAV during flight?

The UAV Reload stat indicates how often the UAV will do damage, so 66 Damage every 0.6 Seconds while they swarm for 3.2 Seconds. Which means a single UAV will do 396 Damage before returning to the Mothership.
  — CM Robot [src]

UAV’s On Other Hulls

  • Can you fit them on OTHER HULLS?

You do need a UAV Weapon slot much like Torpedos. The Atlas Carrier will have Hybrid UAV/Surface weapon slots. These weapon slots will also be added to other ships:
Triton - 4 UAV Weapon Slots

Super Fortress - 4 UAV Weapon Slots

Floating Fortress A - 2 UAV Weapon Slots

Floating Fortress - 2 UAV Weapon Slots
  — CM Robot [src]
  • Will ship capabilities like the MCX reload or Triton building damage be added to the UAV?

The Triton bonus will work because it is not restricted by weapon type. The MCX's bonus is restricted to penetrating type weapons, which does not include UAVs so it will not work.
  — Batman (confirmed by CM Robot) [src]


  • What is the REPAIR TIME of UAV's?

You do not have to repair them at all. Just like a missile or mortar, you can consider them like a projectile.
  — Weresquirrel [src]
  • What is the BUILD TIME of the UAV?

It looks like its roughly 16 hours per UAV Weapon.
  — CM Robot [src]
  • Will they hit SUBMARINES?

Only when they surface.
  — CM Mixilplix [src]

In-Game Quotes

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  — In-Game Description 

Additional Facts

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Animated Photo's



Video 1 of UAV02:04

Video 1 of UAV

Video 2 of UAV04:23

Video 2 of UAV

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