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WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD - The Earth is covered in dark water. Order is a distant memory. Among the fractured population that remains are the renegades with whom you now find yourself aligned, the Forsaken, and the evil Draconian Empire. Take what you need. Live by their blood. (BRING IT)
  — Captain Harlock 


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In-Game Quotes

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  — In-Game Description 

Step Of Tutorial

  1. Would you like to go full screen to get a better view of the action? (PLAY FULLSCREEN)
  2. Draconian forces just attacked your Base! (REPAIR ALL)
  3. Let's set-up some defensive turrets before they come back. Click on the Defense Platform to mount a gun turret.
  5. Click Change Weapon to select a gun turret.
  6. (Change Weapon)
  7. Select the Howitzer Cannon I - Hint: To unlock additional turrets, you must research them in the Weapons Lab.
  8. Your gun turret is almost ready. Review the vost and click Build.
  9. (BUILD)
  10. Your defenses are in place, but vengeance can only be yours with a seaworthy fleet. You'll need energy to research new technologies and build a ship. (NEXT)
  11. Energy - Wind Turbines produce Energy, which is used in building and research. To collect Energy, click on the Wind Turbine.
  12. Click Bank to collect Energy.
  13. (BANK 9,571)
  14. More Power - The higher you upgrade a building, the more powerful it becomes. Click on the Wind Turbine to upgrade it to Level 2.
  15. (UPGRADE)
  16. Click Start Upgrade to begin construction on a more powerful Wind Turbine.
  18. (missing....)
  19. Now that your Wind Turbine is cranking out Energy, let's research new weapons in the Weapons Lab.
  20. Click the Weapons Lab.
  22. Select Thud Cannon II to begin research.
  25. (missing)...
  26. A more powerful weapon means a more powerful ship. Click on your Shipyard.
  28. Build a new ship for your fleet. Click on a slot for gun placement.
  29. (Weapon 1)
  30. Select the Thud Cannon II you've just researched.
  32. (BUILD SHIP)
  33. (missing)...
  34. Click on your Dock to view your new ship.
  36. Add the new ship to one of the available spaces in your fleet.
  37. (SELECT)
  38. Click your newly built ship.
  39. Get Revenge! - Launch your new fleet and plunder Draconian resources. Send their ships to the bottom of the deep.
  41. Select the Draconian Cargo Fleet. The Draconians guard salvage closely. Capture it and bring valuable resources back to your Base!
  42. Click Attack Cargo.
  44. When your fleet reaches the cargo fleet, you'll engage in battle.
  45. missing
  46. missing
  47. missing
  48. Victory! - To the victor go the spoils Click CLOSE when you're ready.
  49. Your ships are weighted down with resources. Return the loot to your Base.
  50. Select Recall Fleet to direct your ships back to your Base.
  52. Once you return to your base, use your loot to research new weapons and upgrade buildings.
  53. Click on View Base to close the World Map and return to your Base.
  54. (VIEW BASE)
  55. View the list of looted resources. When you're ready, click Close.
  56. All Hands on Deck! You're on your way to becoming a ruthless pirate! Not sure what to do next? Visit the Objectives for new objectives.
  58. UNLOCK MORE - Kick more ass in battle with strategy guides, attack alerts, and more! (UNLOCK MORE)
  59. (Add to Facebook/Close)

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