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Torrent Missile

Torrnet Missile 3


Reaver-Crafted rapid-fire missile boxes. Unleashes a blistering torrent of penetrative damage and overwhelms countermeasures with sheer volume
  — In-game Description 


Torrent Missile I Torrent Missile II Torrent Missile III
Type Penetrating
Tech Reaver
Range 62 62 62
Damage 764 1,270 1,914
Salvo 16
Reload Time 12.50
Damage Per Second 55 + 19.22 (Radiation) 91.44 + 28.51 (Radiation) 137.81 + 48.17 (Radiation)
DPS (Building) 61.12 + 21.36 (Radiation) 101.6 + 31.68 (Radiation) 135.12 + 53.52 (Radiation)
Accuracy 90
Weight 198 396 594
Radioactive Damage 267 444 669


Torrent Missile I Torrent Missile II Torrent Missile III
Oil 12,672,440
Metal 11,405,196
Energy 12,292,267
Zynthium 11,785,369
Time 21h 42m 09s
Time With Officer


Like all missiles, these can hit submerged subs assuming of course that they are sighted or detected (Sonar, Thermal, or close proximity).  Many Interceptor anti-sub builds are fitted with Torrent missiles.

Additional Facts

This blueprint was first introduced as a Prize in the Forsaken Missions (2/26/14). Range was initially 58, It was later increased to 62 in June

Torrent3 prize

Torrent III specs.

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