dropping lower tier than usual

bombards Hitman007 Moderator When you have 2 or more covering the same area only 1 will fire un still that one is dead, then the next one will fire, same as flak guns, it is not a glitch it is meant to be like this so it is fair. KIXEYE CM Lou SealAdministrator

To Clarify Further on the Post of Mine that had Been Quoted:Imagine that there are two Bombards with overlapping fields of fire and one mortar firing shells at them. Only one Bombard will fire a rocket at the shell. Each shell will only receive one Bombard rocket fired at it. This is by design. If this appears to conflict with what my previous post I apologize for any confusion that my previous post may have caused.

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This is a really useful chart, good job.

Also, for the sake of clearing things up, a building merely has evade score of 0. A weapon is not 100% accurate just because it's shooting a building. Ripper Guns, for example, will still miss while firing on a building.

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  Originally Posted by FBgamer [3]See for yourself: calculations do not factor in the salvo. The weapon does not start to reload until all shots in the salvo have been fired. Seeing that the time between shots in a salvo is 0.1s, the salvo time could be shown like this.
Salvo time = ([salvo] - 1) * 0.1

Note: All damage in-game is half of what it says in the stats. It was corrected as the stats were halved so they showed the correct values, but so many complained that the stats were changed back and we have the incorrect ones again...

damage / ([reload time] + [salvo time]) = DPS

3200 / (4 + 0.5) = 711.1 Taking into account the above note, halve it and round up to find the correct value. 711.1 becomes 356.
1120 / (1.33 + 0.5) = 612 Then halve it. 612 becomes 306.

Now I would tend to agree with the executive producer of Battle Pirates instead of Man Tim if they post things that disagree with each other. So here is a post by him.

 Originally Posted by Paul Preece [4]*rolls sleeves up*

Adjusted for salvo and reload, CR4 has a DPS of 356

After adding Slide Loader 3, CR4 has a DPS of 291Even though I got a slightly different answer to the CR4 with SL3, it still shows a decrease in DPS.

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Sorry for using so many quotes, but all this has been explained before so I'm just quoting it.
 Originally Posted by acid1789 [6]CR4 3200 damage, 4 second reload = 3200 / 4 = 800 dps (not accounting for the actual projectile firing time which isn't much)

Now add in SL3 with 65% damage reduction and 200% firing speed increase.

Initial shots per interval = 1 (1 shot every 4 seconds)
Modified shots per interval = 3 (3 shots every 4 seconds)
Modified interval = 4 seconds / 3 (reload time / shots per interval) = 1.333 seconds
Modified damage = 3200 - (3200 * 0.65) = 1120

Modified DPS = 1120 / 1.333 = 840.21

This looks to be about the same minor dps increase we see with SL3 on VM4. Just a whole lot more shots.I hate having to disagree as it means one of us is wrong. But when the executive producer of battle pirates posts the following, I would tend to agree with him.

 Originally Posted by Paul Preece [7]*rolls sleeves up*

Adjusted for salvo and reload, CR4 has a DPS of 356

After adding Slide Loader 3, CR4 has a DPS of 291But that doesn't show any working out and leaves you open to trying to find out how he came up with such numbers. Well here is how.

 Originally Posted by 987sechs [8]His calculation might be something like this.

Let the time between single rockets be 0.1 seconds. Then time between the first rocket of one volley and first rocket of next volley is. reload-time plus 5 times 0.1 (shoot first rocket, 0.5 seconds later the 6th is lauched, only then reload time kicks in)

Without SL: 3200 damage every 4.5 seconds, multiply majic factor 0.5 : 355.55 DPS
With SL: 1120 damgae every 1.83 seconds (1.33+0.5), multiply majic 0.5 factor: 290.15 DPS

But that'S only my guessBut then you may be asking, what is the majic factor and where did the extra 0.5s of reload time come from. Well here is just some further explanation of them both.

 Originally Posted by The M [9]  Originally Posted by thebob [10]so how do u come about this "multiply majic factor"?
and reload time is 4.. not 4.5..
my guess is dps without slide loader is 800.. and with is 1560..Read the working out and explanation for the reload being 4 plus 0.5, or just read this.
It takes time for all the shots in the salvo to be fired. The weapon does not start reloading until all shots are fired. There is a small gap of 0.1 seconds between each shot being fired. So a total of 0.5 seconds (because it's a salvo of 6) between the first and last shot in the salvo takes place and thus 0.5s before the Rocket starts reloading.

So the actual time between the first shot in two different salvos is the weapons reload time (4s) plus the time to fire all shots in salvo (0.5s), which is a total of 4.5s.
With Slide loader the reload time is reduced to 1.33, plus the 0.5s to fire shots and it's now 1.83s.

The majic factor. {C}All weapons do half the damage stated in the stats. To make up for that he multiplied by 0.5
KIXEYE did try at one point to halve all stats to correct for all this, but people complained so much that KIXEYE changed it back.
So now we have incorrect stats because people couldn't come to terms with the actual ones.</span>

Reload&repair formulas

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Reload +50% means the rate of reload. Not the reload time. So if it takes 10 seconds to reload at 100%, then that is 10 seconds / 100% rate. If you increase the rate by 50%, then you do 10 seconds / 150% rate. This yields the result of 6.66 seconds. A reload rate increase of 200% (100% + 200% = 300%) is the same as 10 seconds / 300% rate = 3.33 seconds. 04-03-2012, 12:34 PM #30 Curtis Smale Unicorn Overlord Join Date May 2010 Location Waterloo, Ontario Posts 7,068

Originally Posted by Mariana Lima

Thanks! Are there other cases like that in the game?1 Sort of. With damage reduction you have similar equations where the amount of damage done is equal to damage * (1 - damage reduction #1) * (1 - damage reduction #2) ...

So for something like 66% damage reduction for RA3/LA3/AA3 you are looking at a damage of 34% * damage.

Additionally, your repair officer offers a 10% bonus speed to all repairs. But this does not mean 10% less time. In fact, all the 10% speed boosts for buildings/researches are NOT 10% discounts in time. They are 10% discounts in speed which is a rate. So the actual time difference is (1 - 10%) = 90.90% of the time. So you only get roughly a 9.09% decrease in time.

Building health

  • Do all buildings get higher health when upgraded, or only defence turrets/walls?

(As in would it take more damage to destroy a level 9 Oil Rig compared to a level 1 given all other variables are the same?)

Tested with gunboat thud1:

Metal Foundry level 5: 61 hits

Metal Foundry level 7: 90 hits

While the manual count of hits might be inaccurate, in no way it would be as much as 50% off.

Hence it's safe to assume higher level resources gatherers indeed have more health than lower level dittos (if such a generalisation can be made... after all Kixeye could have different values for the other types)