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Tatical Modules are used on specfic ships such as the Arbiter and the Hurricane. Each module has three levels and an upgrade will (1) extend the range of the field of effect or (2) increase it's effect to either your fleet or your enemy's fleet. However to research tactical modules, captains require Naval Lab 7 and a Tactical Lab. Players with an EM Technologist, speed up research time by 10%. 


Additional Facts

  • Bug Fix - Tactical Modules should now display the proper area of effect range.
  • EDIT: Effects from EM Fields do not stack. If you have two of the same modules of different levels in the same fleet, the higher-level module values will be applied.



Tactical Modules


Navigation ArrayEngine DisruptorSubsonic CavitatorMicrowave DampenerSiege ScannerArmor Bypass


Blitz Drone ModuleSiege Drone ModulePiranha Drone ModuleWake Tactical Module

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