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Event Overview

Battle Pirates Storm Strike

Battle Pirates Storm Strike

Commander Greta Spader is at it again! Armed with deadlier Drones and stronger Guard Fleets, she's returned to continue her war on the Forsaken. Needless to say, sinking the Typhoon will not be an easy task this time around. Join the fight for eternal glory 9/27!
  — Captain Harlock 

The new event Storm Strike is a five day event starting on the 27th of September. It is a updated version of the Storm Warning event.

Event Information

START TIME 09:00 PST Depending on the Sector
START DATE September 27, 2012 Depending on the Sector
END DATE October 1, 2012 Depending on the Sector
EVENT TYPE Attack Attacking Typhoon Fleets on the world map
ANTAGONIST Draconian Lead by Greta Spader
DURATION OF EVENT 5 Days Event Store open additional 48 Hour

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Official Wallpaper

Get ready for war by downloading the new Battle Pirates wallpaper featuring Commander Greta Spader!


Recent intel confirms Commander Greta Spader is at it again! After her initial unsuccessful campaign, she's vowed to finish her all out assault on the Forsaken. Stronger Drones and improved Typhoon combat tactics await you on the high seas - are you ready for war on 9/27?
  — In-Game Description 

New recon confirms Greta Spader's Draconian fleet is closing in. Upgraded Guard Fleets now follow the Typhoon wherever it sails, ready to destroy any enemy that comes within striking distance. Surviving the gauntlet will be no easy task this time around. Get ready for battle, Captain - Spader arrives 9/27!
  — In-Game Description 

It's time for battle! Your mission is to sink all Draconian ships in sight. Watch out, you'll have to power through waves of resistance to get to the Typhoon first. Remember, Commander Spader's armed with deadlier Drones and stronger Guard Fleets this time around. Survive the gauntlet and unleash all hell on the Dracs. Sink every Typhoon in your crosshairs and the new Spectre Sub could be yours.
  — In-Game Description 

You've destroyed scores of Typhoons, but Commander Spader won't give up that easily! Keep on fighting, Captain!
  — In-Game Description 

Only one day left to sink all Typhoons in sight! Greta Spader won't give up until the end. Keep on fighting, Captain - the Spectre Sub could be yours!
  — In-Game Description 

Brilliant work, Captain! Storm Strike has come to an end. You've put an end to Greta Spader's campaign and crushed tons of Draconian dreams in the process. Thats the last of the Typhoons - for now...Check out the leaderboard to see how you stack up.
  — In-Game Description 

Event Prizes

The Compound armor is a defense against ballistic/penetrating and explosive damage at the same time. The Spectre Submarine has a 60 second submersion time. It only holds underwater weapons and its time over water is longer than of other subs.

Storm Strike prizes and quotas
Prize no. Points needed Prize 1
choice needed
Prize 2
5 6,000,000 Spectre n/a
4 5,000,000 Hammerhead B (yellow) Goliath
3 1,750,000 Compound Armor D5-X (33%) Battlecruiser
2 500,000 Compound Armor D5-M (22%) Light Cruiser
1 150,000 Compound Armor D5-E (11%) Corvette

Fleet Infos

Typhoon fleet stats
Level Resources (each/total) Raid points
7 14 842 / 59,364 1 302
10 96,560 1 892
13 158,280 2 692
16 113 734 / 454 936 4 726
19 208 847 / 835 388 6 556
22 390 615 / 1,562,460 9 870
25 3,278,480 19 952
28 7,931,532 39 736
34 ~ 30 mill. ~ 270 000

Tips and tricks

  • It's a solo event where raid points equal damage points dealt (with bonus for Typhoon kill).
  • If you got 300k points and redeem Compound Armor I you are back down to 150k points. So better redeem at the end of the raid, if you can afford II or III you don't even have to buy CA I. If you just want to go for the 4th prize don't think of redeeming the first 3.
  • Try lower Typhoon fleets first, when raid starts. Firstly to get a feeling for them, secondly because there are often problems with SOS/whitescreens/invisible fleets at the start of any raid.

Fun Facts

  • Two ships per fleet are guarding the typhoon and won't move towards your fleet.
  • Drones are heavier but take longer to deploy from the Typhoon.







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