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Stingray weapons   Zoe's Stingray


Stingray 250px

A blazing-fast Forsaken attack cruiser, able to slip past enemy fire with advanced evasion technology. Its cutting-edge cannon mounts allow it to fire ballistic weaponry from long range with frightening accuracy.
  — In-game Description 


Stat Original


Weapon Slot 7 7 7
Armor Slot 2 2 2
Armor Points 1493 1493 1493
Special Slot 4 4 4
Max Weight 4950 Tons

5250 Tons (R5)

Cargo 721,425 Tons 937,853 Tons (R1) 937,853
Evade Bonus 20% 30% (R3) +30%
Combat Speed 16 16 16
Turn Speed 20 24 (R2) 24
Map Speed 35 35 35
Ballistic Reload 0% 19% (R4) +39.9%
Ballistic Accuracy +40% +40% +40%

Ballistic Range

+10% +10% +20%
Underwater Weapon No No No
Refit-able Yes Yes Yes
Retrofitable Yes Yes No
Time 6D 0H 6d
Oil 7,875,000 14,175,000
Metal 5,906,250 10,631,250
Energy 4,095,000 7,371,000
Zynthium 8,190,000 14,742,000

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Additional FactsEdit

  • The Stingray is a light, ballistic Forsaken craft that is designed to carry light ballistic cannons with 4 special slots.
  • It is bit light in armor as it has just 2 armor slots.
  • It is a very fast hull with base combat speed of 16 and turn speed of 20.
  • If you use Guidance Scrambler 3 and 3x Evade Upgrade and evade armor you can get 75% evasion.
  • The Forsaken Stingray is a blazingly fast and agile ship capable of blitzing past enemy fire.
  • Outfitted with refined ballistic technology, the new Stingray is capable of firing ballistic rounds down range with pinpoint accuracy. (To clarify, Turn Speed is 20).






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