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Long Range Plans - Solid Fuel Boosters launch.

Increases missile weapon range.
  — In-game Description 


Solid Fuel Booster Type I


Bp Spec 41 Bp Spec 42 Bp Spec 43
Weapon Weight +4% +8% +12%
Missile Range +10% +19% +30%


Research Oil 261,000 4,050,000 23,850,000
Research Metal 246,500 3,825,000 22,525,000
Research Energy 290,000 4,500,000 26,500,000
Research Zynthium 193,333 3,000,000 17,666,666
Research Time 1d 8h 6d 16h 10d 16h
Requirements Advanced Lab 4 Advanced Lab 7

SF Booster I

Advanced Lab 10

SF Booster II

Build Oil 43,500 675,000 3,975,000
Build Metal 41,083 637,500 3,754,167
Build Energy 48,333 750,000 4,416,667
Build Zynthium 32,222 500,000 2,944,444
Build Time 3h 18m 6h 31m

9h 45m


Increase missile weapon range. D53 missiles and SFB3 are a lethal, long-range combo, although if you don't have the blueprint unlocked Cut 3 can be used instead for the cost of less dps and range. Highly recommended to combine with Laser Upgrade 2-3.

Additional Facts

  • 1. Solid Fuel Boost 3 combined with D53 (Assault Missiles) have the longest ship attack range of 98. Whilst these weapons don't deal much damage, using 4+ per ship and having them ranked as elites allow you to snipe and destroy OP's and WH's that are islanded, all whilst being outside the land of the base. Combine this with SFs and you have a sniping mass cargo hauler.
  • 2. Currently reported not to work with UAVs.




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