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Slide Loader

Increases the reload rate of Explosive based turrets like Mortars and Rockets.
  — In-game Description 


Slide Loader I II III
Slide Loader 1 Slide Loader 2 Slide Loader 3
Explosive Reload +50% +125% +200%
Explosive Damage -34% -55% -66%


Time 1d 0h 16m 55s 2d 17h 02m 26s
Oil 729,000 13,267,800 25,920,000
Metal 688,500 12,530,700 24,480,000
Energy 810,000 14,742,000 28,800,000
Zynthium 540,000 9,828,000 19,200,000
Requirements Level 1 Side Loader

Level 10 Advanced Lab

Level 2 Side Loader


Build Time 4h 26m 40s 7h 26m 40s 1d 1h 18m 45s
Build Oil 121,500 2,211,300 6,075,000
Build Metal 114,750 2,088,450 3,341,250
Build Energy 135,000 2,457,000 3,341,250
Build Zynthium 90,000 1,638,000



These are designed to make it more difficult for attacking fleets to shoot down Victory Mortars. They do so by reducing the reload time (with a reduction to damage so the net damage remains the same). While they also have an effect on Cerberus Rockets, much math has been done to show that they signifcantly reduce the Cerb's damage per second. At the same time damage per second is reduced, damage per 4 second standard Cerb reload time, is nearly doubled.

Additional Facts

  • It trades Alpha for better DPM




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