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Siege scanner arbitor

Increases damage against buildings by scanning them for structural weakness.
  — In game description 

The Siege Scanner Module analyzes the structural weaknesses in enemy buildings to maximize the damage output when attacking an enemy’s Base. The Siege Scanner Module also increases turn speed as well as armor and explosive resistance of the Arbiter.

Tactical Use: This hostile field will help your base attacking fleets chew through turrets and reduce the amount of salvos needed to destroy enemy warehouses. But don’t forget, targets like Draconian Outposts and Ops Hubs are also affected by this field.


Siege Scanner I II III
Explosive Defense +20% +35% +50%
Turn Speed +19% +19% +19%
Weight 3,500 t 4,750 t 6,500 t
Armor 1,500 3,000 6,000
Range 60 70 80
Building Ballistic Damage -10% -25% -40%
Building Explosive Damage -10% -20% -30%
Building Concussive Damage -10% -20% -30%
Building Penatrative Damage -10% -30% -50%
Oil 2,251,385 16,885,388 33,770,775
Metal 2,005,295 15,039,713 30,079,425
Energy 2,341,005 17,557,538 35,115,075
Zynthium 1,560,670 11,705,025 23,410,050
Time 4d 1h 15m 8d 2h 30m 16d 5h 1m
Requirements Tactical Lab V

Tactical Lab V

Siege Scanner I

Tactical Lab V

Siege Scanner II


  • The only use for the Siege Scanner is for attacking bases.
  • It's unlocked at tactical lab level 5.
  • The high armor and explosive defense enables it to tank the fire from VMs. However the usefulness of that is limited due to many higher level players using Halos as an alternative to VMs.

Additional Facts

  • It increases the damage dealt to enemy buildings within range of the field for all damage types making it useful for any type of base hitting fleet.
  • The field just about out ranges howitzers allowing it to be used in a mortar or missile fleet designed to take the turrets from range, but you'll need to be careful that the ship does not drift into range of the howitzers.
  • It is therefore best to equip it with the same ranged weapon as the rest of the fleet it is in.
  • Remember it only increases building damage and that sacrificing a ship for the module would lower the damage your fleet as a whole does to the patrol ship. It's up to you to determined if it's worth the gain




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