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Copy of siege drone module iii

Deploys drones that attack targets with mid-range missile volleys. The drone missiles are outfitted with siege warheads that do extra damage to buildings.
  — In-game Description 


Siege Drone Module I Siege Drone Module II Siege Drone Module III
Tech Forsaken
Weight 3,200 Tons 4,400 Tons 6,500 Tons
Drone Capacity 40 60 80
Max Active Drones 2 3 4

Drone Stats

Siege Drone Module I Siege Drone Module II Siege Drone Module III
Average DPS 6.1 12.2 27.4
Active Drones DPS 12 36 109
Average Building DPS 30.5 60.9 137.1
Active Drones  Building DPS 61 182 548
Weapon Range 66 74 82
Repair Time 3m 20s 5m 6m 40s


Siege Drone Module I Siege Drone Module II Siege Drone Module III
Oil 1,605,063 8,944,473 17,413,023
Metal 1,351,964 8,283,629 16,281,704
Energy 1,492,562 9,642,462 19,056,962
Zynthium 1,113,852 6,570,452 12,843,452
Time 3d 19h 13m 7d 4h 27m 13d 22h 54m
Time With Officer 3d 10h 5m 42s 6d 11h 12m 18s 12d 13h 24m 36s


  • The Siege Drone Module is a new Tactical Module that incorporates new drone weaponry.
  • Any ship with a tactical slot will be able to deploy offensive drone units armed with mid-range missiles that use siege warheads to cause additional damage to buildings.
  • If fitted on an Hurricane hull, it will be able to release twice the number of active drones.
  • Often considered useless by the vast majority of players due to there somewhat low damage output (from any of the tiers) the module does have some use as in weekly forsaken missions the seige drones can deal fair dammage of outposts up to 27 (above this they are useless).

Additional Facts

  • The Siege Drone Module was introduced in Drac Hunt 4 Raid, May 2013




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