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Shipyard Lv1-optimized 0

Designs and constructs ships.
  — In-game Description 

Building ProgressionEdit

Level 1 Level 2
Oil 1,200 11,000,000
Metal 3,400 22,000,000
Energy 3,000 26,400,000
Zynthium 480 11,000,000
Time 32s 8d 16h 20m
Time With Officer 29s 7d 19h 30m
Requirements An Outpost
A Dock
Level 10 Naval, Weapons
and Advanced Labs


  • The Shipyard allows a player to build ships with a variety of hulls, armors, and weapons.
  • It can take the shipyard anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks to assemble a new ship.
  • There is an online Ultimate Shipyard, that is not affiliated with Kixeye, but which is usually kept up to date; and can be used to design ships and fleets at (, or (

Additional FactsEdit

  • Level 2 Upgrade: More efficient ship construction miniaturizes components and gives you a 15% weight saving on only Forsaken weapons and Forsaken armor including those ships already built.
  • There are no savings on hulls, specials, or Non-Forsaken (Draconian and Reaver) weapons and armor.

Animated PhotoEdit


NC being built in Shipyard AUG. 2014



Battle Pirates Tutorial Ship Building01:29

Battle Pirates Tutorial Ship Building

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