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Long-range, heat seaking missiles.
  — Sentinel Missiles I, II, III and IV In-game Description 

A state of the art prototype of the Sentinel Missile, with improved penetration aids against ship defenses and armor.
  — Sentinel Missile V In-game Description 


Sentinel Missiles I II III IV


Tech Forsaken
Flak Evasion 40%
Range 20-86 20-90 20-96 20-102 30-108
Damage 96 206 426 854 1,040+104 ballistic
Accuracy 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Reload Time 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s
Salvo 2 2 2 2 4
D * A / RT 19.2 41.2 85.2 171 208 + 20.8 (Ballistic)
Ballistic Damage 104
Type Penetrating
Research Requirements Weapons Lab 2
Rapier Missiles I
Weapons Lab 4 Weapons Lab 6 Weapons Lab 8 -
Research Time 20m 3h 07m 1d 4h 7h 10d 13h 7m -
Research Oil 27,500 225,000 2,025,000 18,225,000 -
Research Metal 27,500 247,500 2,227,500 20,047,500 -
Research Energy 27,500 247,500 2,227,500 20,047,500 -
Research Zynthium 31,250 281,250 2,531,250 22,781,250 -
Build Time 40s 18m 45s 2h 48m 45s 1d 1h 18m 45s 6d 1h 13m 20s
Build Oil 8,333 75,000 675,000 6,075,000 12,020,342
Build Metal 4,583 41,250 371,250 3,341,250 9,616,274
Build Energy 4,583 41,250 371,250 3,341,250 9,616,274
Build Zynthium 5,208 46,875 421,875 3,796,875 19,232,547


Sentinel Missiles are long-range offensive penetrating weapons. There are five levels of Sentinel Missiles, which four of them can be researched in the weapons lab. The fifth one is however unresearchable, but was offered as a prize in a raid. As the only type of researchable base offensive missiles, Sentinel Missiles is often placed at the  back to damage enemies while they deal with your front line cannons and rockets. However, it comes with 100% accuracy, unless your enemy is using Evade armor or specials such as Agility or Shielded system. The Sentinel Missile supports four boosts, which are the Thermobaric Casing, which increases the damage of the missile, the Scramjet Engine, which is used for increasing the missile range. Smart Warheads, which target the ships with the lowest health, while ignoring fully submerged subs, as well as increasing range, and accuracy and damage. Or you may choose the Fire Support Platform M Increases the range plus damage. The Sentinel Missile V, however, is extremely useful, which comes with 40% Flak Evasion, a doubled amount of salvos compared to Sentinel Missile IV, and of course, a 20% damage increase. However, it takes 6 days to completely build it, so please be aware of that.

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