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Fast and powerful destroyer.
  — In-game Description 


Weapon Slots 5
Armor Slots 1
Special Slots 3
Armor Points 550
Max Weight 2,300
Cargo 195,000
Evade Bonus 0
Combat Speed 14
Turn Speed 20
Map Speed 30 mph
Underwater Weapon No
Refit-able Yes

Naval Lab 9

Time 1day 4h 20mins 06s
Oil 9,594,896
Metal 7,675,917
Energy 7,196,172
Zynthium 8,635,406
Time 22h 30mins
Oil 1,744,526
Metal 1,046,716
Energy 872,263
Zynthium 654,197

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Additional FactsEdit

The Sea Wolf is one of the most useful hull, which is excellent for salvaging cargo, hitting Draconian Outposts, as well as acting as a preparation fleet. It comes with five weapon slots, one amour slots and three special slots, which is usually fitted with one Cutlass Missle II and four Cutlass Missle III, no amour, one Engine Upgrade II, one Laser Targeting II and one Solid Rocket Boost II. With this setup and some "kiting" skill, it is possible to defeat a Level 71 Draconian Cargo. But please be reminded never to put amour on it. Withour any amour, it would take 4 minutes 35 seconds to repair 1 Sea Wolf. If you hit-and-run, keep driving, your ship should not suffer any damage. If you fit them with ballistic weapons, they will be perfect during raids, but not really for high level ones.







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