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Scramjet Engine

Increases the range of missile based turrets.
  — In-game Description 


Scramjet Engine I II III
Scramjet Engine 1 Scramjet Engine 2 Scramjet Engine 3
Missile Range +8% +15% +25%
Time 13h 05m 54s 1d 0h 16m 55s 2d 21h 22m 36s
Oil 1,813,500 13,266,000 23,805,000
Metal 1,712,750 12,529,000 22,482,500
Energy 2,015,000 14,740,000 26,450,000
Zynthium 1,343,333 9,826,667 17,633,333
Requirements Level 1 Scramjet Engine

Level 10 Advanced Lab

Level 2 Scramjet Engine

Build Time 5h 26m 7h 26m 10h 50m
Build Oil 302,250 2,211,000 3,967,500
Build Metal 285,458 2,088,167 3,747,083
Build Energy 335,833 2,456,667 4,408,333
Build Zynthium 223,889 1,637,778 2,938,889


Increases the range for missile weapons installed on the platform. This extends the range of Sentinel Missiles as well as the new long range Arc Missiles (new tier III prize in APR. 2013 Raid) and Halos.

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