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Rogue Crews provide fleets temporary enhancements like speed bursts and critical hits. Buy these boosts by winning Reputation Currency awarded after successful attacks on Drac targets. Collect all new Rogue Crews and put 'em to work, Captain!
  — Kixeye 


Recruitment Type Chances Cost Reroll Cost

Common: High

Uncommon: Medium

Legendary: None

100 Rep Points 60 Rep Points

Common: Medium

Uncommon: High

Legendary: Low

500 Rep Points or

100 Rep Points + 15 Gold

300 Rep Points

or 10 Gold

Here is list of some of the Rogue Crews available and how rare or common they are when you "roll the dice" to get a random crew:

Rogue Crew Attributes Type Preferred Hull

Preferred Hull Bonus


Salty Dogs

(Ships) Gain veterancy at twice the normal rate. C Any Forsaken Hull Rank Bonus set to +30% 50 Mins
Wolfpack 14% chance to deal Critical hits with missiles U Sea Wolf

Rank Bonuses set to +30%

+20% Combat Speed

1 hour
Junkyard Dogs 8% chance to deal Critical hits (base guard only).+30% Explosive Defense (base guard only)  U Goliath Rank Bonuses set to +30% +30% Missile Defense 10 Hours
Steel Heads Resistance to fleet of 10% Miss/Exp/Torp/Bal C 40 min
Deadeye Destroyers 15% chance to deal Critical hits with all weapon types.  Critical hits deal double the normal weapon damage.  C 26 min
Radar Runners LP rocket flight time reduced to 2 seconds U Gunboat +3000% All Damage 33 min

Super-charged Engines:

Temporary combat speed boost, starting at twice normal speed and decreasing to normal speed over the course of 20 seconds.

C 50 min
Wrecking Crew +14% Building Damage C 33 min
Wharf Rats Ships in this fleet gain a map speed of at least 70 mph.Able to carry +500% Cargo C 1 Hour
Crypt Keepers +30% Cloak Efficiency+10% Cloak Time U Spectre Rank Bonuses set to +30%, +30% Missile Defense 30 Min

Irradiated Cutthroats

(Formerly: Notorious Cutthroats)

+100% Uranium Gained

+30% Radioactive defense

L 26 Min 40 Sec
Bullseye Brigade Cannons, missiles and torpedoes will always hit enemy ships  U All Missile cruisers Rank Bonuses set to +30%, Sonar Detection Range: 16 40 min
Creeping Death Additional 30 seconds added to base attack duration.+19% Building Damage U All Hammerheads

Rank Bonuses set to +30%

+40% All Damage Defense

40 min
Silent Hunters 8% chance to deal critical hits with torps + 10% combat speed U Predator Rank Bonuses set to +30%, +100% Concussive Damage 50 min
Demolition Squad 60 Seconds added time to base attacks, 25%+ building damage, 30%+ All damage protection  L Triton

Rank Bonuses set to +30%, 

+30% Anty-Mortar Range

1H 30 Min
Lucky Bastards 100% blueprint drop rate C All Hull  10 Min 6 sec
Grease Monkeys Ships in the fleet repair in half the time L Arbiter and Hurricane Rank Bonuses set to +30%, +19% Field Range 1 H 30 M
Fearless Blitzer 11% chance to deal Critical hits with cannons.Super-charged Engines: Double speed for 18 seconds at start of combat. U Stingray Rank Bonuses set to +30%, +20% Ballistic Defense 50 Min
Molotov Maidens

+33% to splash

+14 to spread

Strike Cruiser

Rank bonus set to + 30%

+30% to Evade

33 Min
Mortar Heads

11% chance to deal critical hits with mortars

+30% anti-mortar range

U All Dreadnoughts

Rank bonuses set to 30%

+500% cargo capacity

1 Hour
Hellfire Heathans

8% chance to deal Critical hits with rockets.

+14% Splash

U Thresher

Rank Bonuses set to +30%

Super-charged Engines: Double speed for 16 seconds.

40 Min


Salvage +100% more Zynthium Any Draconian Hull Rank bonuses set to +30% 1 Hour
Sea Serpents

+50% Turn Speed

+12% Evade

<none> <none> 40 Min

Type: C - Common; U- Uncommon; L - Legendary


  • Rogue Crews are recruited to help Forsaken captains (new feature as of 6 Jun 2013).
  • You can have a maximum of 10 unassigned Rogue Crews; after 10, you must assign or dismiss to recruit more.
  • Once you assign a Rogue Crew you've recruited to a fleet its duration timer starts -- you cannot pause the timer.
  • However you can reassign and reuse a rogue crew right after it expires with some uranium and coins.
  • Recruiting a Rogue Crew is done by spending uranium  .
  • Uranium is earned by destroying Draconian targets.
  • Salvage Fleets, Elite Intel Fleets and Draconian Bases all give players uranium .
  • Once a player reaches Level 35 or higher, Salvage Fleets no longer give uranium .
  • Rogue Crews can be recruited from the Great Hall by spending uranium .
  • Once a Rogue Crew has been earned, they can be temporarily allocated to one of your fleets and enhance their capabilities.
  • Rogue Crews are divided into three categories Common, Uncommon, and Legendary.
  • There are two types of recruitment: Basic and Advanced: Advanced gives players a chance to earn Uncommon and Legendary Rogue Crews, while lessening the chance to get Common

Additional FactsEdit

  • Kixeye have reduced the costs for both Re-roll and Extend options.
  • Advanced Recruitment will now cost: 500 Reputation_Points or 100 Reputation_Points  & 15 Gold.
  • Basic Re-Roll will now cost: 2 Gold.
  • Advanced Re-Roll will now cost: 10 Gold.
  • Extend costs have been reduced by 40%.
  • Game Improvement - Molotov Maidens have had their favored ship Evade bonus reduced from 30% to 20%, but will now include the Strike Cruiser X.
  • 1/16/14 - Rogue Crews are now properly displaying their duration timer in the Dock UI again. You may need to refresh your game to see this take effect.




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