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Event Overview


Greetings Captains!

This is our chance! Attack Warzones while your enemies clash, but beware - it's every Captian for himself! Succeed and you'll earn the new Berserker Hull. Equipped with Chaos Mortars, the Berserker gains power through damage, overloading its unstable core and laying waste to all opposition.

The Reavers have united under the banner of the ruthless ringleader, Grimshine! Under her rule the Reavers have launched a campaign of violence against any that would stand in their way. Having drawn the ire of Supreme Commander Vassago, after repeated attacks against Draconian Platforms and bases, the Draconian Armada has initiated a counter attack to crush this irradiated threat. Are you ready to get caught in the Riptide?

Riptide will begin April 17th at 9AM PST and will run until April 23rd.

Event Information

START TIME 09:00 PST Depending on the Sector
END TIME 09:00 PST Depending on the Sector
START DATE April 17, 2014 Depending on the Sector
END DATE April 23, 2014 Depending on the Sector
EVENT TYPE Attack Reaver & Draconian Fleets
ANTAGONIST Reavers & Dracs Lead by Grimshire & Commander Vassago
DURATION OF EVENT 6 Days Event Store open additional 48 hours

Primary Mission Objective

Players will be targeting sets of Warzone Targets to earn Points. Warzones will feature ships from the Draconian Empire and the Reaver Faction. Captains will be faced with the challenge of avoiding fire as the Draconians and Reavers clash in combat and are tasked with eliminating all forces present in the target.
There are three types of Warzone Targets. The Draconian Assault, the Reaver Swarm, and the Clash! type target.

  • Draconian Assault Targets will feature heavy Draconian presence as the might of the Draconian Empire is brought to bear on the Reavers.
  • Reaver Swarm targets feature a host of Reavers eliminating any who stand in their Warpath.
  • Clash! Type targets will feature capital ships present from both the Reaver and Draconian fleets.

  • Three enemy sets (A, B, C) have been targeted for destruction.
  • Clearing all targets in a specific set will grant a set bonus. This bonus can be redeemed multiple times. As this is a hullstore style event, the cap on bonus completions has been removed.
  • Set A = 61 - 65 Highest level targets
  • Set B = 41 - 45 Medium level targets
  • Set C = 21 - 25 Lowest level targets

Event Prizes

Tier 1

20,000 - 100,000

Prize Price
Light Cruiser 100,000
Destroyer X 80,000
Battle Barge A 75,000
Destroyer 60,000
Frigate 40,000
Corvette 20,000

Tier 2

Prize Price
Super Fortress 500,000
Battlecruiser 400,000
Sea Scorpion A 350,000
Hammerhead Hull A 300,000
Hammerhead Hull B 300,000
Light Cruiser X 250,000
Floating Fortress A 200,000
Leviathan A 150,000

Tier 3

750,000 - 4,500,000

Prize Price
Vindicator 4,500,000
Dreadnought 4,250,000
Mercury 4,000,000
Goliath 3,750,000
Sawfish 3,500,000
Missile Cruiser 3,250,000
Hurricane 3,000,000
Interdictor 2,750,000
Strike Cruiser 2,500,000
Barracuda 2,250,000
Mako 2,000,000
Mauler 1,750,000
Battleship 1,500,000
Battlecruiser X 1,250,000
Rampart 1,000,000
Juggernaut 750,000

Tier 4

4,000,000 - 11,000,000

Prize Price
Hellstrike 11,000,000
Vanguard 10,500,000
Missile Cruiser X 10,000,000
Dreadnought X 9,500,000
Stingray 9,000,000
Reaper Submarine 8,500,000
Strike Cruiser X 8,000,000
Guardian 7,500,000
Triton 7,000,000
Spectre 6,000,000
Juggernaut X 5,500,000
Thresher 5,000,000
Chaos Mortar 4,000,000

Tier 5

12,500,000 - 25,000,000

Prize Price
Berserker 12,500,000
High-Lander's Nuclear Cruiser 20,000,000
Grimshine's Berserker 25,000,000

Prize Redemption

Riptide will feature a hull-store style set of prize options per tier that are available for purchase. Players will earn points for completing sets of targets and will be able to redeem their points for prizes.
Players will be able to redeem an unlimited amount of prizes per tier.

Target List

Set Target Fleet Description
C 21 3 ES, 3 RD
C 22 1 Inter, 3 Rad, 3 RD
C 23 1 RS, 3 RD, 3 ES
C 24 2 Inter, 2 Rad, 3 RD
C 25 2 RD, 1 RDH, 1 RS, 4 ES
B 41 4 MCX R5, 4 RD, 2 Inter
B 42 4 ES, 1 RDH, 5 RD, 3 RS
B 43 1 Charon, 1 ES, 5 Inter R5, 3 MCX R5, 1 NC, 4 RS
B 44 1 Charon, 3 ES, 1 GB, 1 RDH, 3 RS
B 45 4 RD, 3 Inter R5, 3 MCX R5, 1 RM, 1 PN, 1 RDH, 2 RS
A 61 5 Inter R5, 8 MCX R5, 3 RS
A 62 1 RS, 3 ES, 1 GB, 2 Inter R5, 7 RS, 1 RDH, 3 RS, 2 SCX
A 63 1 Charon, 1 HLNC, 6 Inter R5, 7 MCX R5, 1 PN, 1 RS
A 64 5 ES, 1 RM, 12 RD, 1 RDH
A 65 1 B, 1 Charon, 5 Inter R5, 6 MCX R5, 1 RM, 1 PN, 4 RD, 2 RDH, 2 RS

For a more detailed Fleet Breakdown Visit BP-information.blogspot

Key & Ships Used:

Bonus Points Payout

Set A Bonus starts at 1,500,000 points, and will cap out at 2,000,000 points.
Set B Bonus starts at 500,000 points, and will cap out at 750,000 points.
Set C Bonus starts at 50,000 points, and will cap out at 75,000 points.
The targets in each set will contribute about the same amount of points as the first bonus.
There is no cap on Bonus Points Payouts.

Completion→ 1 2 3 4 5>
Set A 1.5m 1.6m 1.7m 1.8m 2m
Set B 500k 550k 600k 650k 750k
Set C 50k 55k 60k 65k 75k

Uranium Bonus

There will also be Uranium awards based on points completion. These awards start at 100 Uranium for 100,000 Event Points scored and cap out at 5,000 bonus Uranium.

Points Needed: Uranium Awarded:
100,000 100
200,000 250
2,000,000 500
5,000,000 2,000
12,500,000 5,000


Out of the chaos, a leader has emerged. The once-fractured Reavers have united under Grimshine, a charismatic ringleader who has set her sights on the destruction of the Draconian Empire. With the Reavers and Dracs at war, this could be our chance to strike! Can we count on you, Captain?
  — Captain Harlock 

After numerous radiation attacks on Drac Bases, the Reavers have become the sole focus of Commander Vassago's scorn. With the Draconian Empire distracted by the Reaver occupation, the Forsaken Council has declared this the opportune time to launch an assault against both enemies. Will you join the cause, Captain?
  — Captain Harlock 

This is our chance! Attack Warzones while your enemies clash, but beware - it's every Captain for himself! Succeed and you'll earn the new Berserker Hull. Equipped with Chaos Mortars, the Berserker gains power through damage, overloading its unstable core and laying waste to all opposition. Outfit your fleets, Captain - Riptide begins in less than 24 hours!
  — Captain Harlock 

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Battle Pirates Riptide02:36

Battle Pirates Riptide


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