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Retrofit Lab

A water-based lab used to research retrofitted hulls.
  — In-game Description 


  • Retrofitting hulls, weapons, specials or armors gives inherent upgrades to every copy of that type.  This contrasts with refitting a hull which applies is more akin to taking a weapon off a single ship and replacing it with a better weapon on that ship.
  • Retrofit Lab requires a Naval Lab Level 7 in order to be built.
  • Retrofit Lab can be upgraded to level 5.
  • Retrofit Lab Level 5 gives access to any level 5 retrofits, retrofit Lab Level 4 gives access to any level 4 retrofits, etc.
  • The related blueprint is also required before the retrofit research is available.
  • Only blueprints are retrofittable.  For example, the Hammerhead A, Hammerhead B & Battle Barge A are all retrofittable.  However, the Hammerhead and Battle Barge researched in the naval lab are not retrofittable.
  • Hull retrofit time increases according to the number of hulls of that type actually built.  However, retrofitting weapons, specials, armors or tactical modules is only 1 day each at least for all R1 retrofits.
  • Hull retrofits are designed for mid to high level players (approx. L40 and higher).  Kixeye designed the other retrofits for players level 55 and higher.  The uranium cost is a tough barrier to low and mid level players.

Building ProgressionEdit

1 2 3 4 5
Oil 501,067 4,008,536 24,051,216 96,204,864 163,548,269
Metal 484,000 3,872,000 23,232,000 92,928,000 157,977,600
Energy 459,103 3,672,824 22,036,944 88,147,776 149,851,219
Zynthium 529,230 4,233,840 25,403,040 101,612,160 172,740,672
Time 10h 33m 36s 1 day 7 hours 21 min

2d 9h 21min 57s

4d 2h 23m 15s 5d 19h 8m 53s
Time With Officer 3d 16h 32m 55s 5d 5h 13m 59s
Old Time 4d 9h
4d 20h
9m 36s
5d 7h 5d 20h
33m 13s
6d 10h
36m 32s
Old Time With Officer 4d 8h
32m 38s
4d 18h
59m 54s
5d 6h
29m 53s
5d 19h
8m 52s
Requirements Level 7 Naval Lab Level 4 Outpost Level 5 Outpost Level 5 Outpost Level 5 Outpost

In March of 2014, many of the builds and research times have significantly decreased.  The old build times can help you estimate the new build times.  Resource requirements remain the same.

Additional FactsEdit

  • Please keep all discussion concerning the update for 12 Sep 2013 here. Update Notes



Battle Pirates Retrofit Lab01:56

Battle Pirates Retrofit Lab


Kixeye has launched the new research building Retrofit Lab. Do you likes the building?

The poll was created at 14:00 on September 14, 2013, and so far 144 people voted.

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