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Resonance Battery

Built as a Draconian countermeasure to Forsaken Tactical Modules. This battery harnesses the energy from any Tactical Field that the ship is being affected by and uses it to enhance general combat ability.
  — In-game Description 


Tech Daraconian
Special bonuses applied when affected by Tatical Field
Total Weight   +9%
Bonus Combat Speed  +20%
Bonus All Damage 


Bonus All Defences +20%



There are a limited number of items that a player can equip to their own fleet that will activate this item. There are many hostile items that will activate this however. In general, any field that causes your boat to have an up or down arrow will activate the Resonance Battery.

Effects do stack, however each application has less of an effect than the last. Kixeye has not publicly stated how much each effect is diminished, however they have admitted more than 5 stacks will not give you any benefit. This would tend to implicate each bonus is reduced by 4% points. Effects are multiplicative just like any other armor/speed/reload bonuses.

Friendly Fields that will activate the Resonance Battery

  • ECM Destroyer
  • Navigational Array
  • Wake Tactical Module

Hostile fields that will activate the Resonance Battery (this means your enemy must have it equipped, not your own fleet)

  • Engine Dampener
  • Microwave Dampener
  • Siege Scanner
  • Armor Bypass
  • Protonemesis Cryo Field

Things that produce an arrow but do not affect the resonance battery

  • Disruptor cannon
  • Harpoon Canon
  • Dragonfly UAV

Additional Facts

This blueprint was first introduced as a T3 Prize in the Forsaken Missions (2/26/14).



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