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Ship Lineup.

While the majority of the hulls used in Battle Pirates can only be attained through Forsaken MIssions and Raids, thirteen of them are available to research in the Naval Lab.  

Most of the researchable hulls represent a steady progression of increased slots for weapons, specials, and armor, and increased total tonnage capacity.  It return they generally lose speed and evasion.  Exceptions to this tren include the Seawolf, which sacrifices armor for speed, the Submarines with their ability to submerge, the Arbiter which can carry Tactical Modules, and the Hammerhead, which has less cargo capacity than the Floating Fortress but is otherwise faster and more capable. Details on each hull's strengths, weaknesses, and costs, can be on the Battle Pirate Hulls page.

This table details the requirements for researching hulls. The Gunboat hull is the default hull, and is unlocked when the game is first joined.

Hull Oil Metal Energy Zynthium Time Requirements

1st Hull you get.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

2nd Hull you get.

7,693 6,154 5,770 6,923 6m 45s Naval Lab 1

3rd Hull you get.

40,602 32,482 30,451 36,542 33m Naval Lab 2

4th Hull you get.

214,301 171,441 160,726 192,871 5h 37m Naval Lab 4
Predator Sub

5th Hull you get.

Predator Submarine
642,903 514,323 411,458 822,916 14h 03m Naval Lab 5
Battle Barge

6th Hull you get.

Battle Barge
996,753 797,402 747,565 987,078 1d 4h 07m Naval Lab 6
1,263,324 1,010,659 1,010,659 1,263,324 2d 2hr Naval Lab 7

7th Hull you get.

4,176,421 3,341,137 3,132,316 3,758,779 5d 20h 37m Naval Lab 8,

Battle Barge

Sea Wolf2

8th Hull you get.

9,594,896 7,675,917 7,196,172 8,635,406 8d 18h 56m Naval Lab 9,

Battle Barge

Stalker Sub

9th Hull you get.

Stalker Submarine
6,505,487 5,204,389 4,879,115 5,854,938 8d 2h 26m Naval Lab 9,

Battle Barge

Floating Fortress2

10th Hull you get.

Floating Fortress
15,608,090 12,486,472 11,706,068 14,047,281 11d 17h 15m Naval Lab 10,

Battle Barge,                    


Sea Scorpion2

11th Hull you get.

Sea Scorpion
19,250,000 15,400,000 14,437,500 17,325,000

13d 4h 24m

Naval Lab 10, Sea Wolf


12th Hull you get.

22,400,000 17,920,000 16,800,000 20,160,000 20d 56m Naval Lab 10, Floating Fortress

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