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Access the "relocate" menu from your outpost to move your base near a friend.
  — BP Guide on Kixeye 


  • There will be times when relocating is disabled (During Raids, Forsaken Missions & Sector Maintenance).
  • In order to relocate you must have a friend that plays Battle Pirates.
  • If that friend is in the same sector as you, but in a different part, you can relocate to him.
  • Where you are relocated to is random, but you are supposed to be moved to within 100 distance from your friend.
  • If your friend is in a different sector, you will move to that sector, unless your friend is on the border of his sector it is possible that you could get moved to the neighboring sector.
  • After relocating you have to wait 7 days (168 hours) before you can relocate again.

Additional Facts

  • Pirate Parley - Its never been easier to find your friends! You can now speed-up your relocation timer to move your base instantly, once every 24 hours.
  • Battle Pirates Update - 11/21/13 Release includes a fix to a longstanding bug with Relocation.
  • Bug Fix: Relocation should now always take the player to the correct sector.




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