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Reaver Ships

The Reaver Faction is a new faction that was introduced into the battle pirates map on 21 Nov 2013.

"A Maniacal force has risen on the outskirts of forsaken waters. Bloodthirsty and brutal, the Reavers leave nothing but scorched remains in their wake."


  • "A maniacal force has risen on the outskirts of settled waters. Born in the shadow of the Forsaken, the Reavers have fashioned a life from salvaged wreckage and scorched remains. Their technology is explosive, unstable and brimming with power." by CM Robot
  • Reaver ship Hulls are built around the unstable core which exposes them to very high levels of radioactivity.


  • The Reaver Scouts are extremely fast, use ballistics & rockets, and explode upon death.  When first introduced they did not have sonar, so were vulnerable to submarines.  At the C level fleets were vulnerable.  However, since the Burning Seas event, some fast Reaver scouts have been equipped with sonar.  
  • The Reaver Defense Enforcers are incredibly slow, and uses a range of different weapons, antiweapon equipments, and the new Reaver meteor mortar (names unknown yet). There are two different enforcers, that each have it's own weapon stategy.
  • Green enforcers, also know as the hulk, have disruptor weapons on them and will slow you down if you are not carrying the counter electronics to fend off this attack. The other type of enforcer is the Orange Enforcer, and it shoots meteor mortars, as well as other weapons.
  • The meteor mortar does not behave like a standard draconian mortar - the meteor mortar has a variable flight time, so the closer you are, the faster it land.  However it is a standard mortar as far as Hail/Hell-storm anti-mortars are concerned.  Hailstorms and hellstorms shoot down meteor mortar shells.

Dredge Fleets

Level Uranium Resources Fleet Base
51 Charon
2 Reaver Defense Hulk
Dredge Reaver Mortar
Dredge Splash Javelin
Dredge Napalm Missile
All with Hazmat Pannels
61 Charon
3 Reaver Defense Hulk
Dredge Drac Rocket
Dredge Splash Javelin
Dredge Reaver Mortar
All with Hazmat Pannels

For a more detailed Fleet Breakdown Visit BP-information.blogspot

Reaver Hulls

Reaver Blueprints

Reaver Base Weapons

Reaver Exclusive

  • Dredge Drac Rocket
  • Dredge Napalm Missile
  • Dredge Reaver Mortar
  • Dredge Splash Javelin
  • Hazmat Pannels


21 Nov 2013 Update

Note:A Grim Future:

A new threat looms in the shadow of Greta Spader! These marauders sport High-Salvo Rapid Fire weaponry. Prepare your fleets for the inevitable confrontation!===

On 23 Nov 2013

new Reaver craft was sighted.
First Message regarding sighting of new Reaver craft by CM robot:===

​Greetings Captains,
Forsaken Captains in all sectors have reported spotting unidentified craft on the horizon. All Captains are advised to use caution while traveling the seas.

26 Nov 2013 Update

Robot Reports:Scout Fleets Spotted:

More strange ships have been spotted entering Forsaken waters. Captains are reporting some sort of blinding power source at the center of each hull. Use caution while traveling between sectors.=== On 27 nov 2103, Cm Robot Reported:

An urgent distress call has been identified from Nav-Relays across all sectors. They are being attacked by some unknown craft. They have been identified as extremely hostile and all Captains are advised to approach Nav-Relays with extreme caution.

Burning Seas

  • Burning Seas has begun! Deploy forces to battle Reaver Fleets and earn points.
  • Defeat ALL 5 targets in a set for a points bonus.
  • Set may be completed multiple times for extra bonuses. Redeem points for Blueprints in the prize store.

21 Dec 2013 Update

  • Reaver returned
    • An urgent distress call has been identified from Nav-Relays across all sectors.
    • The Reavers have returned! Reaver Motherships have been spotted at Nav-Relays in all sectors.
    • Captains are advised to use extreme caution when approaching these behemoths.
    • Slaying such a formidable foe will give the Captains that destroy these High-Level Fleets a reputation bonus of 2,500. 
    • refer to .
    • Special note: crews does work those reaver fleets
    • 24 Dec 2013: Today at 3PM PST we will be increasing the spawn rate of Reaver Scouts. While they will still be rare and difficult to find, they will not be quite as scarce as they have been for the past few days. Keep your eyes peeled, Captains!

Reaver Fleets

Reavers Fleet Details
Levels Fleets Reputation points Resources (Total) Remarks
40 3 Reaver Scouts 30 2,300,000(est) Rippers, Assualt Cannons, Siege Cannons
55 4 Reaver scouts
1 Reaver Defense Hulk
30 3,000,000
70 6 Reaver scouts
2 Reaver Defense Hulks

Some more detailed breakdowns, including exact weapons here .

Chances of getting Reaver blueprints.



Level 55 Reaver v Mercuries

Level 55 Reaver v Mercuries

Courtesy of earthpig

Reaver Fleets 40, 55, 70

Reaver Fleets 40, 55, 70

Reavers - Raid Preview

Reavers - Raid Preview

Reavers - Raid Preview


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