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A high tech Draconian submarine that maintains a low depth submerge in order to slip into enemy fortifications and survive the crucible of ship to shore combat.
  — In-game Description 


Tech Draconian XL-Class
Armor Points 2,250
Max Weight 6,865
Weapon Slots 7
Armor Slots 4
Specials Slots 3
Cargo 665,208
Combat Speed 13
Turn Speed 18
Map Speed 22 mph
Evade -20%
Surface Time 15s
Dive Time 35s
Accuracy +10%
Ballistic Defense +20%
Explosive Defense +20%
Missile Defense +20%
Building Damage +25%
Submerged Defense +75%
Cloak Efficiency +0%
Underwater Weapons? Yes


Oil 39,701,211
Metal 29,281,500
Energy 37,100,543
Zynthium 41,255,422
Time 5d 4h 36m 40s
Time With Officer 4d 16h 9m


  • The Reaper is a new high-tech Draconian submarine with built-in defenses and increased damage to buildings. Using a low depth submersion tactic, the Reaper is able to slip past enemy defenses before surfacing to wreak havoc on enemy bases.
  • The Reaper is the first Draconian submarine released. It is followed by the Nighthawk (and the limited Phantom Nighthawk).

Additional FactsEdit

  • This hull was introduced as a Tier 5 prize in the Forsaken Fury Raid.
  • The Draconians DO have a variant of the Reaper (ID# 1075), so expect all that anti-sub gear we've been collecting to suddenly have a purpose.



Battle Pirates Forsaken Fury03:29

Battle Pirates Forsaken Fury

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