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Reactive Armor (RA)

Reduces damage from Penetrating Weapons (Missile Weapons). NOT ON ROCKETS such as Hydra Rockets. Only one type of special armour is permitted on each ship (Including compound armour). This is one of the few armours offering great protection from the dreaded Halo defence missile.

Reactive Armor I II III
Bp Spec Bp Spec 2 Bp Spec 3
Missile Defense +33% +50% +66%
Armor Weight +5% +10% +14%
Oil 101,700 1,746,900 21,960,000
Metal 96,050 1,649,850 20,740,000
Energy 113,000 1,941,000 24,400,000
Zynthium 75,333 1,294,000 16,266,667
Time 1h 00m 3d 0h 00m 7d 8h 00m
Requirements Advance Lab 2 Advance Lab 6

Reactive Armor I

Advance Lab 10

Reactive Armor II

Oil 16,950 291,150 21,690,000
Metal 16,008 274,985 20,740,000
Energy 18,833 323,500 24,400,000
Zynthium 12,556 215,667 16,266,667
Time 56min 43secs 4hrs 56 mins

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