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Raid Ship builds


This type of ship are to win monthly raids and weekly Fosaken Missions. For small ship hulls try to make them 300 armor for instant reapir in normal times or 600 armor for raid times.


Main weapon: Thud4, follwed by D33 Assault cannons, followed by D35 Siege Cannons

Main Prootection: Hellstorm, Hailstorm and Phalanx

Main Special: Engine upgrade, AL and HB, if you have more slots put RA.


1) Longboat with thud4 and eng1 can kill level 25 and below FM hubs in a few tries. Its instant repair.

2) Marauders with thud4

3) SW with thud4 eng2,HB1,AL2 DU4

4) SS with thud4 eng2, HB1,al2 and du4

5) HH eng2 hb2

Use the highest special you have.