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  • Remember to keep all posts regarding the Preview Server in the Preview forum.
  • Also, nothing in Preview transfers over to your regular BP account.
  • There seems to be a large number of people in the Preview Server who think they will keep the stuff in the Preview Server.
  • Just so everyone knows, the Preview Server is just a copy of your base, everything done on your base on the Preview Server will not save, its just for testing so there for it will if you build 2 ships, they will only stay on your test base, so when you load your real base them 2 ships will not be there.
  • Hitman007 (Battle Pirates Forum Moderator) have updated the tittle, but people please remember that it is just a copy of your base, and nothing gets saved, so that means Blueprints,ships,upgrade, and ship rank and everything else, its just a copy of your base to test everything.

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