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Piranha Drone Module

A carrier module that launches swarming drones armed with miniaturized versions of the lethal Piranha Depth Charges.
  — In-game Description 


Piranha Drone Module I Piranha Drone Module II

Piranha Drone Module III

Tech Forsaken
Weight (Tons) 2,100 4,200 6,300
Drone Capacity 20 40 60
Max Active Drones 1 2 3
Armor Points 1,000 2,000 3,000
Ballistic Defense +20% +20% +20%
Explosive Defense +20% +20% +20%
Missile Defense +20% +20% +20%

Drone Stats[1]

Piranha Drone Module I

(1 Active Drone)

Piranha Drone Module II

(2 Active Drones)

Piranha Drone Module III

(3 Active Drones)

Average DPS Per Drone 1,215 1,215 1,215
Active Drones DPS 1,215 2,430 3,645
Average Building DPS Per Drone 121.5 121.5 121.5
Active Drones  Building DPS 121.5 243 364.5
Weapon Range 14 14 14
Repair Time 2m 2m 2m


Piranha Drone Module I Piranha Drone Module II Piranha Drone Module III
Oil 1,605,063 8,944,473 17,413,023
Metal 1,351,964 8,283,629 16,281,704
Energy 1,492,562 9,642,462 19,056,962
Zynthium 1,113,852 6,570,452 12,843,452
Time 3d 19h 13m 7d 4h 27m 13d 22h 54m
Time With Officer 3d 10h 5m 42s 6d 11h 12m 18s 12d 13h 24m 36s


  • This new module is only available as Tier Prize in the weekly Forsaken Missions. (Oct 2, 2013 & Oct 9, 2013)
  • The Piranha Drone is 14% faster than other drones.

Additional Facts

  • Backstory: Zooey's first foray into drone design is anything but subtle. Trademark crimson paint job? Check. Badass teeth down the sides? Check. Fully-loaded with Piranha firepower and supercharged engines? Hell yeah! These little guys move fast and kill faster, so get them now or start running.
  • Disclaimer: Do not point drone towards face, do not look drones in the eyes, do not wear red while near drones. Drones may explode randomly before or after deployment. (Just kidding).



Battle Pirates Piranha Drone, Splash Upgrade, and Rampart Hull01:23

Battle Pirates Piranha Drone, Splash Upgrade, and Rampart Hull

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  1. Kixeye October 4, 2013. Retrieved October 15, 2013.

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