Animated Speedy Flashing Light

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Highly charged electromagnetic rocket that overwhelms nearby electronics and renders them useless for several seconds. Does no physical damage.
  — In-game Description 


Size Small Medium Large
Flight Time 4s 8s 12s
Stun Time 8s 14s 20s
vs Buildings 8s 14s 20s

Weapon Lab 5

Small Widowmaker

Weapon Lab 8

Small Pinch

Weapon Lab 10

Small Pinch

Medium Pinch

Time 15h 0m 1d 21h 0m 5d 15h 0m
Oil 648,000 1,944,000 5,832,000
Metal 540,000 1,620,000 4,860,000
Energy 540,000 1,620,000 4,860,000
Zynthium 684,000 2,592,000 7,776,000
Requirements Launch Pad 4 Launch Pad 5
Time 40m 1h 48m
Oil 25,920 77,760
Metal 19,440 58,320
Energy 19,440 58,320
Zynthium 64,800 194,400 ?


  • The Forsaken have developed new tech to help guard their bases from oncoming assaults.
  • The new Pinch Resist Panels will reduce the amount of time that a defensive turret is offline after being hit by a Pinch Rocket.
  • Captains will be able to research these panels via the Advanced Lab .
  • Tactical Use: A common blitzing tactic is for an attacking player to ‘pinch’ Cerberus Rockets and rush past before the turrets can come back online. Outfitting a Cerberus turret with Pinch Resist Panels will ensure a rude awakening for blitzers as the turrets come back online early and obliterate them with explosive rockets.
  • You may leave comments and feedback regarding this update here .

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