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Battle Pirates is played world-wide, many players can be categorized by the manner in which they play the game.

Coiner: Players who buy Gold to buy upgrades, resources, as well as speed up researches and ship construction & repairs.

Hackers: Players who use outside programs and tools to manipulate the game-play. These players typically have powerful fleets at low levels, increased number of land tiles, increased weapon ranges, and instant repairs on base damage & fleets.

'Rimmers': Players that attacks bases only to hit harvesters. They do their best to avoid base weapons so they don't take damage. They will hit multiple bases to fill up their cargo holds.

Farmers: Players who attack the same bases whenever possible. Bases are farmed due to weak base designs, offer very little resistance, and/or can provide many resources. Bases are also farmed due to grudges posed after attacks.

Farm: Players who are regularly attacked by the same player due to poor/weak base-design or extensive resources on-hand to be stolen.

Miners: Players who focus on mining resources instead of hitting bases or salvages.

NOTE: Miners tend to die off due to a change of mines power in Nov 2103 with the introduction of "Super Mines".

Base Hitters: Players with fleets that attack bases or has base-hitting fleets designed for the purpose of base-hitting.

Leaders: Players with strong fleets that usually assist with leading/guiding a sector, or are in charge of an alliance. They help make & enforce the rules that a sector follows. These players can either bring a sector together or they can help keep it in a state of free-for-all.

NOTE: Sometimes they are called "Sector Police"

Aliance Leader: Leader of an Alliance wether big or small.

Alliance Members: Players who belong to an alliance. The alliance is typically made up of friends or by players who have similar ideals that play in the same sector. Alliances typically follow their Leaders' rules and may not always follow a sectors' rules.

Multi Accounter: Players who have more than one facebook and BP accounts.

Note: Kixeye does not police multiple accounts as long as those account Do Not help each other.

KOS: Player who are black marked by a group of people.