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Peacemaker Mortar Stats
Peacemaker Mortar Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Range 50 - 87 50 - 87 50 - 87 50 - 87
Damage 344 412 666 1,374
Reload Time 7.0s 7.0s 7.0s 7.0s
Damage Per Shot 344 412 666 1,374
Splash 12 12 12 12
Spread 90 90 90 90
Type Explosive Explosive Explosive Explosive
Weight 235 ton 423 ton 761 ton 1,371 ton
Research Time 1d 5h 10m 3d 0h 55m 7d 14h 17m
Research Requirements Weapons Lab 7 Weapon Lab 8

Weapon Lab 9

Rapier IV

Diplomat Mortar IV

Research Oil 1,626,480 5,855,328 21,079,181
Research Energy 1,537,375 5,380,813 18,832,844
Research Metal 1,537,375 5,153,485 17,779,523
Research Zynthium 1,450,780 4,932,652 16,771,017
Build Time 58m 20s 2h 55m 7h 17m 30s 18h 13m
Build Oil 75,300 271,080 975,888 3,513,197
Build Metal 73,208 256,229 896,802 3,138,807
Build Energy 72,163 248,961 858,914 2,963,254
Build Zynthium 71,117 241,797 822,109 2,795,169


A true upgrade to the Diplomat Mortar, the Peacemaker Mortar shows improvement in all stats except reload time, while keeping in play with the gradients upon which they lie. They are best and simply described as "massively explosive mortars". Just like the Diplomat mortar, they are very effective attacking an enemy behind you while staying out of their weapons range.

However, Peaacemaker Mortars become useless quickly once a player reaches about L40 or so. Acquire Drac mortars and fit out the Peacemakers.  BEST mortar in the game for hitting bases is the infamous D75-B .

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