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Build 4 Defensive Platforms

  • Build 4 Defensive Platforms from the Defense section of the Build menu.
  • Your base is an easy target for enemies unless you can defend yourself.
  • Make sure to mount your new Defensive Platforms with Turrets to take out attacking ships before they do damage to your base. (1 remaining)
  • Rewards: 3,000 Zynthium, 1,500 Metal, 500 Oil and 1,200 Energy.
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Build 2 Oil Rigs

  • These produce oil to build up your base and fleets.
  • Make sure you place Oil Rigs in the ocean. (1 remaining)
  • Rewards: 100 Zynthium, 200 Energy and 20 XP.
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Build 2 Metal Foundries

  • Build 2 Metal Foundries from the Resources section of the Build menu.
  • There are four resources you'll need to build pretty much anything in your base.
  • Metal is one of these.
  • Make sure to collect resources regularly to maximize production. (1 remaining)
  • Rewards: 200 Zynthium, 20 XP and 100 Oil.
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Build 2 Wind Turbines

  • Build 2 Wind Turbines from the Resources section of the Build menu.
  • Nothing run without energy.
  • In our world, wind is the easiest energy source for us to harness. (1 remaining)
  • Rewards: 200 Oil, 20 XP and 100 Metal.
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Build 2 Zynthium Refineries

  • Build 2 Zynthium Refineries from the Resources section of the Build menu.
  • Zynthium is an element that was discovered after the meteor melted the ice cap.
  • Its full capabilities are unknown, but Forsaken scientists are constantly finding new uses for it. (1 remaining)
  • Rewards: 200 Oil, 20 XP, 100 Metal and 100 Energy.
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Repair A Damaged Fleet

  • Go to your Dock and repair your Fleet.
  • Whenever you ships take a beating, you'll need to repair them before heading back out into battle.
  • While it's possible to sail around with damaged ships, it's not recommended.
  • Rewards: 200 Metal and 40 XP.

Defeat A Draconian Fleet

  • Go to your Dock and launch a Fleet.
  • Defeat a Level 1 Draconian Cargo Fleet.
  • Take your ships into combat!
  • Besides the sweet satisfaction of victory, defeating Draconian Cargo Fleets also rewards you with resources, ship experience points, and more.
  • Rewards: 1,000 Zynthium and 30 XP.

Build A Warehouse

  • Build a Warehouse from the Main section of the Build menu.
  • You can increase the amount of resources you can hold at any given time by building Warehouses to store the extras.
  • You'll need the extra space for the resources required to build more advanced ships and buildings.
  • Rewards: 25 XP and 500 Energy.

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