Defensive turret missile that drops burning napalm along its flight path. The burning patches will deal ongoing damage to enemy ships passing through them.
  — In-game Description 


Tech Reaver
Drops napalm in a line.
Splash 30
Spread 70
Range 24-84
Damage 2980
Reload Time 12.0
Weapon Type Missile
Damage Type Penetrating
Radioactive Damage


Field of Effect
Type Hostile
Range 10
Radioactive Damage 300/sec
Effect Duration 9 seconds


Oil 40,006,302
Metal 32,005,042
Energy 32,005,042
Zynthium 64,010,083
Time 5d 5h 51m 42s
Time With Officer


The Napalm is worth it -- some are not 100% convinced, but if you don't have halo or javs, then it can help quite a bit.

It does 2980+392 damage every 12 secs - almost the same as a Jav except it does that to ALL ships in the fleet, cannot be evaded or even avoided (in the right design), some is radiation (less resistances), and it does some lingering fire damage (only 60/sec * 9 secs = 540 radiation). I think it is resistant to phalanx. Though it has much less range.  The Scramjet engine special gives it increased range -- up to 25% further with Scram 3.

With the Sept. 10, 2014 KIX Update, the Napalm Missiles had a much added power to 300 / sec. This makes it a super tough weapon for enemy ships to deal with when they are in your channel. The best fleet defense against a napalm is the Frostburn Interceptor -- its freeze field neutralizes the radiation, burn area from the napalm instantly.

Additional Facts

This blueprint was first introduced as a T4 Prize in the Forsaken Missions (4/2/14).


Napalm Missile base turret weapon




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