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Reaver modified mortar turrent that launches hot radioactive slag. Shooting it down will remove its explosive power but it will still lay down burning zones on the water.
  — In-game Description 


Tech Reaver
Splash 20
Spread 60
Anti-Mortar Evade 85
Range 65-125
Damage 1,004
Reload Time 20
Type Explosive
Radioactive Damage 251
D / RT 50.2 + 12.55 (Radioactive)
Field of Effect (Burning Zone)
Type Hostile
Range 16
Radioactive Damage 100 / sec


Oil 21,259,229
Metal 19,133,306
Energy 20,621,452
Zynthium 19,771,083
Time With Officer 2d 19h 54m 54s


  • This is the first Reaver Base weapon and it behaves a lot like Victory Mortars , so Slide Loaders and other specials work on them.
  • This weapon looted from the Reaver Enforcers can be mounted on Base Defense Turrets for long range bombardment of Enemy Fleets attacking your base.
  • The burning projectile that it fires can be shot down by ship anti-mortar to avoid its explosive power, but doing so will still drop non-explosive remains that will ignite fire zones that land in front of the area where the explosive round would have landed, meaning moving ships actually are in the middle of the fire zone.

Additional Facts

  • This blueprint was first introduced as a T3 prize in the Forsaken Missions in Dec. 2013.
  • Kixeye’ve addressed the issue with the Meteor Mortars Projectile. The damage should now be correct, and be properly damaging ships that are hit by the projectile. Once we fixed the bug the weapon greatly unbalanced Base Defense.As a result we’ve scaled the damage on the primary cannon back a bit, and left the damage on the fire patch untouched as that was meant to be primary purpose of the weapon. The original intent of its design was to keep it in line with damage and behavior of other Parabolic Fire weapons like the Halo and the Victory Mortar. You can see the new stats in the gallery below.
  • Adding a little clarification to the Meteor Mortar bug fix. Kixeye discovered through the help of some player testing that the main impacting projectile was actually doing zero damage.
  • Meaning ships were only taking damage from the Fire Field the projectile left behind. While the new tooltip suggests that the Meteor Mortar is doing less damage, in practice you should now see your Meteor Mortars doing more damage from impacting projectiles.
  • Nothing got nerfed in the long term. What happen is when it was saying it was doing a lot of damage in fact it was doing 0 damage, only the fire patch was doing the damage, so now the damage looks less on paper work however, it is much more damage.



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