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The Locator will now recommend attackable bases both in and out-of-sector to help players find targets.
  — KIXEYE CM MagicSarap 


  • Formerly known as Bookmarks.
  • The Locator system now has the various categories that players have been waiting for.
  • Sector Targets: Available targets within your sector.
  • Non-Sector Targets: Available targets in neighboring sectors, within your world.
  • My Alliance: List of all Alliance Members and their locations.

Additional Facts

  • Bookmarks have been updated to contain more information about the players around you as well as the Bookmarks that you place on the World Map.
  • There are various categories contained in the Locator for more organization.
  • Recent Attackers is now part of the Locator system.
  • These additional categories will be implemented shortly in the future.
  • There is also a tab for Alliance Members In-Sector and Non-Sector targets are also designated with coordinates.
  • Bookmarks for the new Elite Intel Fleets will appear differently so that players will be able to see a clear distinction between Elite Intel Fleets and Cargo Fleets.




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