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Laser Targeting

Pinpoint Accuracy

  — Say 


Laser Type I II III
Bp Spec 26 Bp Spec 27 Bp Spec 28
Penetrating Accuracy +20% +40% +60%
Weapon Weight +3% +6% +10%
Retargetable true true true
Oil 198,000 472,500 2,137,500
Metal 187,000 446,250 2,018,750
Energy 220,000 525,000 2,375,000
Zynthium 146,667 350,000 1,583,333
Research Time 3h 23m 12h 30m 3d 18h 25m
Requirements Advanced Lab 3 Advanced Lab 5 Advanced Lab 7
Oil 33,000 78,750 356,250
Metal 31,167 74,375 336,458
Energy 36,667 87,500 395,833
Zynthium 24,444 58,333 263,889
Build Time 2hrs 26mins 4hrs 26mins 6hrs 26mins


  • Increases accuracy of missile based weapons AND allows missiles to hit submerged submarines if the missiles were fired while the subs are either surfaced or visible underwater*.  Re-targeting only affects missiles.

Additional Facts

  • Kixeye has publicly stated that Laser Targeting was never originally intended to allow missiles to hit subs while underwater, and this has been an ignored glitch for so long, it has become normal. This is why they introduced Sonar built-in to the Stalker Sub and Draconian Battle Cruiser.
  • Apparently, accuracy higher than 100% does help hit high evade ships. So Accuracy of 90% (torrent) with +60% accuracy bonus (Laser Targeting 3) can still hit a ship with 33% evade 95% of the time.

In-Game Quotes

RESEARCH COMPLETE - Laser Targeting III has completed researching and is now ready to be built!
  — Captain Harlock 



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