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Incendiary Shells

Reaver modified explosive shells that increase splash and will sometimes ignite target areas with Radioactive flame.
  — In-Game Description 


Tech Reaver
Mortars may create Fire Fields.
Fire Field Chance 10%
Weapon Weight +14%
Splash +50%
Field of Effect:
Type Hostile
Range 24
Radioactive Damage 150 / sec


Oil 10,013,503
Metal 7,343,236
Energy 8,344,586,
Zynthium 7,677,019
Time 1d 15h 35m 34s
Time With Officer 1d 11h 38m


This piece of looted Reaver technology will modify your explosive weapons and improve their splash radius. Additionally, when used with Mortar weapon types it will give those weapons a chance to ignite the target area with Radioactive flame.

Additional Facts

This blueprint was first introduced as a Prize in Forsaken Missions (5/28/14).



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