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A Draconian-developed irradiated flechette launcher. Focused-fire on a single target will eventually cause a deadly radioactive shockwave.
  — D92-U In-Game Description 

Heavy radioactive flechette launcher optimized for defense fleets. Its increased fire rate helps to trigger shockwaves faster.
  — D92-F In-Game Description 

A Draconian-developed irradiated flechette launcher. It launchers a heavier flechette than conventional launchers which enables it to build shockwaves more efficiently.
  — D92-S In-Game Description 


D92-U D92-F D92-S
Consecutive hits will lead to Radioactive Shockwave.
Tech Draconian Draconian Draconian
Range 91 91 91
Damage 1048 648 900
Building Damage 524 972 1,350
Salvo 4 9 1
Reload Time 2.50 2.50 6.0
Accuracy 70 70 50
Weapon Type Launcher Launcher Launcher
Damage Type Radioactive Radioactive Radioactive
Weight 135 Tons 970 Tons 700 Tons
Armor Points 150 300 150
Shockwave Damage 7,864 7,864 7,864
Launcher Supercharge - - x8


D92-U D92-F D92-S
Oil 3,000,000 1,881,000 1,881,000
Metal 2,400,000 1,504,800 1,504,800
Energy 2,400,000 1,504,800 1,504,800
Zynthium 4,500,000 3,762,000 3,762,000
Time 15h 18m 1d 5h 11m 32s 1d 5h 11m 32s
Time With Officer 13h 46m 12s 1d 2h 16m 22s 1d 2h 16m 22s


  • Shockwave Note: You need 120 hits to trigger shockwave. One source suggests the hits must be within 10 seconds. Watch his video.
    • For D92-U the target must have a minimum of 4800 health on ships or 2400 health on buildings to trigger the shockwave before the target is destroyed.
    • For D92-F it is a minimum of 8640 health on ships and 12960 on buildings - so most buildings will not overload.
    • For D92-S it is a minimum of 13500 health on ships and 20250 on buildings, unlike other Impulse Launchers, for D92-S enough to land only 15 hits to trigger shockwave, because of 8x Supercharge.
  • This Draconian weapon was a brand new weapon type (Feb. 2014). Categorized as a Launcher, it is also the first Radiation-only weapon to be developed. Focused fire from this irradiated flechette launcher will eventually cause its target to erupt with a Radioactive Shockwave which deals extreme Radioactive damage to surrounding Ships and Buildings.

Additional Facts

  • This blueprint was introduced as a Tier 4 prize in the Infernal Onslaught Raid (Feb. 2014). It was rewarded to players trading in 4,000,000 points for it.
  • According to a discussion on the Kixeye forums, the shockwave grants ship rank experience only to the ship that fired the triggering flechette, rather than to all ships. For ranking fleets with multiple launcher-equipped vessels, captains may wish to rotate the positions of ships within fleets, or hold ships back, to keep ranking consistent.
  • Per Moderator "The Batman" - Siege Targeting does NOT increase shockwave damage



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