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Mid-range, large caliber, anti-ship ballistic cannon.
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Howitzer Cannon

Level I

Level II

Level III

Level IV

Range 60 66 72 78
Damage 42 92 204 448
Accuracy 90% 80% 70% 66%
Reload Time 2.0s 1.5s 1.0s 0.75s
D * A / RT 18.9 49.1 142.8 394.24
Type Ballistic
Research Time - 1h 31m 13h 46m 4d 15h 32m
Requirements Weapon Lab 2

Weapon Lab 4
Howitzer II

Weapon Lab 6

Research Oil - 132,192 1,189,728 10,707,552
Research Metal - 275,400 2,478,600 22,307,400
Research Energy - 308,448 2,776,032 24,984,288
Research Zynthium - 330,480 2,974,320 26,768,880
Build Time 20s 9m 0s 1h 14m 12h 23m
Build Oil 2,448 44,064 396,576 3,569,184
Build Metal 5,100 91,800 826,200 7,435,800
Build Energy 5,712 102,816 925,344 8,328,096
Build Zynthium 6,120 110,160 991,440 8,922,690


  • Mid-range, large-caliber, anti-ship ballistic cannon.
  • Howitzers are ballistic base anti-ship weapons that fire at a fast rate.
  • There are four levels of howitzers; each level has higher damage, range and firing speed than the previous.
  • Layered Armor protects attacking fleets against howitzers.
  • These are hard-hitting but short range weapons and when not protected by other longer range weapons can easily be destroyed by attackers from a safe distance.
  • Peacemaker mortars, siege mortars (draconian tech), assault mortars (draconian tech) and shockwave mortars (draconian tech) can avoid this weapon when attacking bases.
  • The Depleted uranium shells 3 blueprint special increases the offensive capabilities of Howitzer Cannons with a 40% boost to accuracy and a whopping 50% boost to damage.

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