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Reaver hull specializing in rockets and composed of parts from Draconian Strike Cruisers and Forsaken Threshers.
  — In-game Description 


Tech Reaver
Armor Points 5,550
Max Weight 12,292 Tons
Weapon Slots 7
Armor Slots 6
Specials Slots 4
Cargo 3,926,764 Tons
Map Speed 30
Combat Speed 12
Turn Speed 12
Rocket Wall Evasion 34%
Ballistic Defense +20%
Explosive Defense +50%
Missile Defense +30%
Rocket Reload +140%
Rocket Range +10%
Splash +39%
Slow Resistance +25%
Underwater Weapons? No
Tactical Field Resistance 50%


Oil 81,255,422
Metal 73,129,880
Energy 78,817,759
Zynthium 75,567,542
Time 1s
Time With Officer


  • Hellstrike is a Reaver Hull and is a cross between the Thresher and Strike Cruiser.
  • This looted Reaver Hull is the perfect platform for Rocket based fleets.
  • Outfitted with advanced Rocket loading and fuel boosting systems, the Hellstrike fires rockets with extreme speed and boosted range, while also allowing some rockets to evade the protection offered by Walls.
  • Prepare to see walls and turrets melt before you as you strike at the hearts of your enemies.
  • Hellstrike is a refittable hull.
  • Hellstrike is a retrofitable hull

Additional FactsEdit

  • This hull was introduced as a Tier 5 prize in the Burning Seas Raid. It was rewarded to players trading in 12.5M points for it.
  • Hellstrikes/infernos nerfed? - There has been no changes with HS and Inferno rockets. Wall level 6 does halt inferno rockets on Hellstrikes.
  • Hellstrike fleets are normally 2-3 ships with 2-5 infernos on each ship.



Battle Pirates Burning Seas03:06

Battle Pirates Burning Seas

Battle Pirates: Burning Seas - Event Briefing

Hellstrike Assault01:53

Hellstrike Assault

Battle Pirates Hellstrikes in Draconian Base03:40

Battle Pirates Hellstrikes in Draconian Base

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