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Zynthium-Based plating that adds additional layers of Compound Armor, gaining better protection at the cost of being so heavy that it slows down the armored ship.
  — In-game Description 


Heavy Plating I Heavy Plating II Heavy Plating III
Tech Draconian
Ballistic Defense +25% +35% +45%
Explosive Defense +25% +35% +45%
Missile Defense +25% +35% +45%
Combat Speed -10% -20% -30%
Armor Weight +6% +8% +14%


Heavy Plating I Heavy Plating II Heavy Plating III
Oil 105,250 1,357,800 5,865,000
Metal 86,125 1,228,200 5,268,333
Energy 102,500 1,392,000 5,933,333
Zynthium 84,583 1,009,250 4,361,806
Time 2h 46m 40s 9h 26m 40s 17h 56m 40s
Time With Officer 2h 30m 8h 30m 16h 9m


  • Heavy Plating armor is an armor special that boost extremely good bonus defense against all surface weapons, the price is that this armor special takes a lot of weight and therefore reduces speed of the ship.

Additional Facts

  • This blueprint is currently available as a prize in the Forsaken Missions.
  • A similar blueprint to this is the Compound Armor.
    • The Compound Armor has less Defensive Resistance compared to Heavy Plating.
    • The Compound Armor dosen't reduce Combat Speed.
  • Since Heavy Plating III has a -30% Combat Speed penalty, It would be most effective on a base defense ship, such as the Goliath or Rampart, where speed is not an issue.




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