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Hardened Barrels

Increases ballistic weapon range.
  — In-game Description 


Barrel Type I II III
Bp Spec 35 Bp Spec 36 Bp Spec 37
Weapon Weight +19% +39% +60%
Ballistic Range +25% +35% +50%
Oil 775,800 19,901,700 27,270,000
Metal 732,700 18,796,050 25,755,000
Energy 862,000 22,113,000 30,300,000
Zynthium 574,667 14,742,000 20,200,000
Research Time 1d 8h 00m 6d 16h 00m 10d 16h 00m
Requirements Advanced Lab 5 Advanced Lab 9

Hardened Barrels I

Advanced Lab 10

Hardened Barrels II

Oil 129,300 3,316,950 4,545,000
Metal 122,117 3,132,675 4,292,500
Energy 143,667 3,685,500 5,050,000
Zynthium 95,778 2,457,000 3,366,667
Build Time 4h 26m 9h 50m 12h 50m


Increases ballistic weapon range.

Please note that HB III will add 60% to your weapon weight, and combined with Auto -Loader III will make Assault Cannons and Rippers IV extremely heavy, making them only fit on relatively large ships like the Hammerhead. A new Cannon System special (introduced early 2013) combines hardened barrels and auto-loader.

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