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GS 3 for max Evade



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  • Helps cause cannon and missiles to miss your ship, greatly reduces their accuracy
  • Does it help torpedoes miss?  You'd think it would.  Not confirmed.

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Guidance Scrambler

Increase ships' evasion ability during combat. Note that this is NOT limited to missiles in spite of the description. This does not work on damage caused by Mortars (obviously) and does not protect from splash damage (obviously). Use GS's evade to protect against [Torps?], Cannons, and Missiles.

Guidance Scrambler I II III
Bp Spec 11 Bp Spec 12 Bp Spec 13
Evade +20% +33% +40%
Total Weight +4% +8% +12%
Oil 153,000 517,500 13,950,000
Metal 144,500 488,750 13,175,000
Energy 170,000 575,000 15,500,000
Zynthium 133,333 282,333 10,333,333
Research Time 2h 00m 16h 00m 6d 0h 00m
Requirements Advanced Lab 3 Advanced Lab 5 Advanced Lab 9
Oil 25,500 86,250 2,235,000
Metal 24,083 81,458 2,195,833
Energy 28,333 95,833 2,583,333
Zynthium 18,889 63,889 1,722,222
Build Time 2hrs 26mins 3hrs 56mins 7hrs 36min

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