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Send resources, blueprints or even gold to friends.
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  • ATTENTION - You must be level 20 or higher to send premium gifts. (OK)

Additional Facts

  • The feature will allow you to help your friends and allies by purchasing and sending them Premium Gifts.
  • Premium Gifts - Players will now have the ability to gift a variety of Premium Gifts that will help their friends and allies.
  • The power of gifts are matched to the level of the recipient: the higher the level, the higher the cost.
  • Blueprint Pieces - If a user has two blueprints in progress: Medium Cargo Hold (2/5) and Firestorm Rockets D91-A (1/5). Sending this user a Premium Gift of a Blueprint Part will yield a Medium Cargo Hold as it’s closest to completion and matches the users current Blueprint tier level.
  • Hulls - If a user is level Battle Barge as a Premium Gift. User has researched the Battle Barge but not the equipped Thud Cannon IVs or Auto-Reloader I. Until the user researches Thud Cannon IVs and Auto-Reloader I, the user cannot re-fit unless they remove the un-researched tech. However, users are able to immediately use their new ship in any fleet, bearing total fleet weight limit.
  • Resources - If a user receives a Mega Resource Crate containing 1,000,000 of each resource. The user currently has 500,000 of each resource stored with a maximum capacity of 800,000. After receiving the Premium Gift, user will now have 1,500,000 of each resource stored. No additional resources can be collected until the user returns to normal levels.
  • Feedback for the update can be made here .
  • Premium Gifts Change - After evaluating Premium Gifts and their usage, Blueprints will now be the only available Premium Gift that players can send to one another.

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