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A fortified Outpost.

Increases protection from enemy weapons.
  — In-game Description 

Building Progression

Level Protection Oil Metal Energy Zynthium Time Requirements
1 20% 32,000 32,000 32,000 50,000 1h Outpost 2
2 30% 256,000 256,000 256,000 312,000 4h Outpost 3
3 40% 1,324,000 1,324,000 1,324,000 1,612,000 12h Outpost 4
4 50% 5,824,000 5,824,000 5,824,000 7,512,000 1d 12h

Outpost 5


  • All buildings can be fortified, excluding Defense Platforms and walls (they have their own implicit defenses).
  • The most important buildings to fortify are your Outpost and Warehouses to protect your resources.
  • Fortifying your Dock is also a good idea -- foes like to destroy them to avoid retaliation attacks and annoy you.
  • If you have Oil Rigs in your channel they can be fortified - a good idea! (slows the invader by presnting an obstacle they have to click around to get through your channel)
  • The extra time needed to destroy them slows enemy fleets down, on the other hand, this makes your base less "bubble friendly".

Additional Facts

  • Try your best to upgrade everything to the highest level.




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